June 23, 2019


Santa Monica, Palawan


Elder Greener

6/23/19 Letter to Mission President

Hey president,

Im doing great. I feel so blessed for the blessings of this area. I am also having a great time with elder greener. he is such a great missionary and its so fun to work with him. The work is going well. We have a few people coming to church in our area,
and we are excited for them to continue to progress. The kinabato family is having a hard time. Sister nets and charlene are no longer allowed to go to church. they returned their book of mormon. we are sad for them but have hope that someday her husband's
heart will be softened. Sister jenna rose is doing okay. she really wants to be baptized, but her doctor has her on bedrest because of her pregnancy complications. its been really hard on her and so we are trying our best to continue to help her feel the
power of the atoning sacrifice through her trial. The only hard thing there is trying to help her faith progress while she is unable really to go to church or read (her doctor wont let her). we are praying a lot for guidance and trust the lord will halp
us know what to say.

We had a few less active families come back to church this week which was really exciting. One of them is a man named jimmy, who hasnt been to church in years. he has kids who are not yet members that we will hopefully start teaching. we have another 4 people
who have been able to go to church in the last 2 weeks. 3 of them have accepted baptismal dates and we are really excited about that.

I did a really cool study of the resurrection. i always had a strong testimony of the lord's suffering for our sins and pains, but didn't understand the resurrection. i am happy to say that i now feel and understand the beauty of the resurrection. I always
thought of it as perfect body distribution day, but never understood just how wonderful it is. i read through 2 nephi chapters 2, 9 and then alma 42. I was amazed at the role the resurrection played in our ability to repent for sins and return to heavenly
father. in 2 nephi 2 it talks about how it was given unto men to die that they may be "free forever" and that they may gain agency to choose and develop. It was then expedient to die to give men a prepatory time to meet God. This death allows our mortal
testing to end and for us to be redeemed. Thus, the resurrection of our savior was essential for our victory over physical death, and the opportunity to be redeemed from spiritual death. It allows us to be with our families again and for our mortal trial
to end.

My dad used to always tell me "the only tragedy in this life is sin". I absolutely know that is true. Because the savior rose "with healing in his wings" all of our pains and sorrows are swallowed up through our resurrection. all of our trials and pain
is temporary and can be used for our benefit. but truly the effect of sin is what keeps us away from eternal happiness and pulls families apart. That is why we must continue to obtain the gospel in our lives through increasing our conversion to jesus christ
and by repenting of all our sins.

I know that the lamb of God broke the bands of death. I know he conquered the grave. I know he lives and he loves us.

Thanks for everything you do president. We love you.


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