June 17, 2019


Santa Monica, Palawan


Elder Greener

sta monica 6/17

Hey guys!!

sorry its been a couple weeks since ive written, its been a super great time here in sta monica and i am loving it.

monday started off really well by getting to talk to my family,watching nba highlights at the senior couple's house, and then getting in a few extra hours of work. we got to go visit the kinabato family, christian, and the grampa family. The kinabato
family has been having a lot of really hard challenges in their life and it was hard to see that things were escalating and getting worse. we were there to let them talk out all their problems and offered a prayer before we left. they are such a solid family
and i know that they can get through this through the help of our savior. Christian is awesome. he is having his baptism this saturday and is so ready. he already passed his interview and is a stud. Elder Watene (our district leader) is having him text
us a scripture a day of what he has been reading. he is reading so much, he is beating his member girlfriend haha! the guy is the absolute best and we are so excited for him on saturday. The grampa family is doing okay. sister grampa had intense stomach
pain while we were over there and so we gave her a blessing. we also got to teach her kids a little lesson on prayer.

tuesday was pretty great. we had district council meeting and celebrated the birthday of my good ol' buddy elder bickmore. we had cake and ice cream and it was a great time. afterward we taught the evio family. they are a less active family that hadnt
seen missionaries in 10 years. they expressed to us that they had absolutely no desire to go back at that time. we are sad that they are ready but feel blessed that the lord led us to them. other missionaries will have a try. We also went back to a family
that we had randomly talked to. we were invited in and shared about the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. the spirit was strong in that lesson and im excited to see if they continue to progress.

wednseday was a day of blessings. we started the day by visiting a part member referral named mira. she was super kind to us and pretty receptive to the message. the desire to know isnt there yet but we are going back on saturday to visit again. we
also got to teach dianne and her sister. dianne is a return missionary who hasnt been able to go to church for the last little bit, but she is awesome! it is super fun to see her reading again and sharing with us. we have been to this family 3 times now and
are seeing such awesome progress. they are now reading and finding things they enjoyed in the chapters. they commited also to come to church this week. they are so awesome i love them. the best part of the day was teaching daisy lyn and mary anne. i met
mary anne the other day in the tricicle. for most of the way i was very sleepy (having come from p day shopping) and wasnt saying much. as we neared the end of the ride, the spirit impressed on my mind that I NEEDED TO TALK TO HER. as she got off, i talked
to her about her kids. she said, "they lost their dad 3 months ago". I was so grateful that the spirit had sent such a firm and compelling prompting to my soul. I know that the lord is midful of each one of us and knew that daughter of god needed ministering.
We went back to her house and were graciously accepted in. we taught her and a few other family members, gave out book of mormons (or books of mormon?) and set another appointment to go on saturday. we taught them about the plan of salvation with a focus
on seeing our loved ones again someday. it felt really great and im super excited to go back. We also taught the kinabato family again. we brought them over some leftover canned food we had and a bunch of rice. that really touched them and made us feel
happy. we also taught them about how to fast for extra help and guidance. we expressed that moments of trial were times that we need to hang onto our savior the most. we told them that we would also be fasting for them. They seemed excited to try it and
there weas a atmosphere of peace when we left. We lastly got to teach brother eustaqiou. we taught him about lehi and how he handled family relationship problems by being an example and by inviting them to come unto the redeemer. we invited him to do the

Thursday has been quite excellant. we fasted for the kinabato family and got to do some awesome service. we helped brother fausto with clearing out part of his restaurant. it was fun, and as always, he treated us to lunch there. afterward we taught
the huit family about the plan of salvation and how book of mormon reading is key to it. we invited them to text us their insights from their reading to us every day. afterward we taught a random lesson to a family. we introduced ourselves as messengers
of jesus christ and they happily let us in and listened.

i lost track of daily journalling but had a great weekend. we had mary anne go to church and the fellowshipping was amazing. a ton of members offered to help her out and fellowshipped her. it was so great. we also spoke in the sacrament meeting. it
was awesome.

this morning we had a big district activity where we played basketball and ate a bunch of food prepared by the sisters. it was super great and i really enjoyed it.

Im having a great time!! love you all


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