May 19, 2019


Santa Monica, Palawan


Elder Greener

sta monica 5/19

This week was really good. we had a couple really cool experiences and are really enjoying the work in this area. my companion is super great and its been a blast working with him. he is super humble and thoughtful in the way he teaches and i love teaching
with him. I am also excited for the broadcast later on, and to hear from elder Renlund.

I am loving the people we are teaching. My dream for a long time was to teach a complete family and to watch them take steps toward temple sealing. This has seriously been something i have prayed for and begged heavenly father that he would let me be a part
of. The kinabato family has been such a wonderful blessing from him. They are so wonderful. The mother teaches her kids about jesus christ and has been reading a ton. she has read into 2 nephi in just over a week. She says that her family have found her
some nights asleep on the book of mormon while reading. She told us after our very first lesson that she knew Joseph smith was a prophet and wanted to be baptized. And in the next lesson gave testimony to her family that the church was true because it has
prophets which she said, "was god's way to communicate his will from the beginning" she then turned to me and said, "haha I learned that from the book of mormon." she absolutely loves it. she says that she has entertained all types of missionaries but says
that she never acted on any of their invitations. she told us that when we teach her, she feels good inside and has the desire for her family to feel that way. She expounded to us from her reading of 1 nephi chapter 8 and how she really has the desire to
share with her friends and family the blessings of the gospel. Her and her mother have given us a ton of referrals that they are going to invite over to their house to hear our message. They have brought their neighbor's kids to church and invited a bunch
of their neighbors to our lesson on wednesday. Whenever we teach them, they add their personal testimonies of the restoration and the power of christ's atonement. President, i cant describe in words how blessed I feel to be a part of the conversion of this
wonderful family and i testify that conversion truly comes through the spirit, and the individual's desicion to act. These things have brought them blessings and i am so happy for them.

My personal study was really cool this week. I have been studying each covenant. The abrahamic covenant, baptismal, oath and covenant, and temples. I have been doing this in order that i might teach it with more power and truly appreciate the covenant I
have made. Covenants are something that i didnt have a deep knowledge of before my mission. I recognized them as promises to God but did not realize their eternal weight. It has been really cool to deepen my knowledge and testimony of them. I have learned
a lot about them and their relationship to the priesthood of God. That the purpose of the priesthood is to bring covenants unto the children of men. I also learned that testament is a word for covenant. Isnt that cool that the scriptures are meant to teach
the children of men about the promises and covenants god has made to us. Each testament of Jesus Christ truly testifies of our covenants to him.

I had a really cool experience this week. We prayed in the appartment a couple mornings ago for heavenly father to bring us someone to teach. We then decided to visit an active member of the ward. As we visited with him, just before sharing, a family friend
came to his house. after getting to know them, we asked to share. As we shared the message of the restoration, his eyes teared up and he readily accepted a book of mormon and the invitation to teach him again. It was wonderful.

A few cool things happened this week. I had a really cool experience on relying on the spirit. We were in a lesson one day teaching a family. We had planned to teach the baptismal covenant but it felt wrong. As i began to open the lesson, the spirit impressed
on my mind "teach how to overcome the word of wisdom". I was taken aback. This family had no problems with word of wisdom at all. I wondered to myself why i received such a seemingly random prompting, but decided to act on it. As i began, one of their
neighbors walked into the room and said, "elders I have a problem. I am an alcoholic and want to change, is there any hope for someone like me?" I was truly humbled to see heavenly father's hand in bringing hope to one of his beloved sons. We taught relief
through repentance and that because of jesus' sacrifice, we can be healed from our individual struggles and sins. It was a beautiful experience and is a further witness to me that we are truly doing the lord's work. He knows his children and helps us to
lift them in their sorrows.

What a beautiful phrase that we all wonder sometimes "is there any hope for someone like me?" I testify that this gospel is a gospel of hope. It is wonderful to me that because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, we can be redeemed from our sins, trials, and weakness.
I have also been pondering Alma 7:11-13 of late. I have been thinking about the specific things that our savior took apon himself during his suffering. As i pondered the significance of infirmities, i had a realization. We shared the verse in a lesson and
i was surprised at the tagalog translation. Infirmities in tagalog is kahinaan, which also directly translates to weakness. "he took upon himself our weaknesses, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their weaknesses"
By replacing the word, i gained a deeper testimony of the atonement of jesus christ. How wonderful is it that because of his suffering, he has power to succor us in our individual weakness. I am grateful personally, that despite my many weaknesses, that
my savior Jesus Christ has the power to make up for them. Just like we read in ether, he has power to "make weak things strong". I bear my testimony that his atoning power is real and that he delights to help us change and repent.

I love my savior, and his work

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