May 5, 2019




Elder Carroll

the end of Paranaque/ beginning of Sta monica

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I know that this is a few weeks overdue and im sorry for the lack of emails right now. Im actually assigned in paranaque but i wanted to write about the last few weeks i had in paranaque.

Paranaque was such a wonderful area and i was really grateful for the companiopnship and memories I had there. The members were so great and we were really blessed with great people to teach there. Bishop, the tanola family, and all the members in general
were super super great. I was actually really sad to be transferred. I was hoping that i would stay there for a long time.

The end was wonderful. I got to experience the baptisms of jean, jerry, and andrea. I seriously love those people.

Jean received such great blessings with her baptism. She explained to us that she felts such peace and now has such an easier time understanding the scriptures. She is so cool. She actually is actively involved in missionary work and is trying to help
the missionaries out with referrals. love her.

Jerry's baptism was really neet. I dont think ive ever met a person with a greater love for the book of mormon. He would read it all the time and absolutely dig into it. It was so wonderful to witness the spirit in his conversion. He started timid
of the things that he was learning and unsure if it was the word of God, but now has a firm testimony of the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. I love his conversion and love for jesus christ. He truly cares for his redeemer and his own siritual progression.
what an awesome guy.

Andrea abando is one of the sweetest people i have ever met. Her, her husband nick, jacks, and zoe make up their little family. I had so much fun visiting over there. she is seriously so awesoem and her family is adorable. Nick is such a joker and
it was always fun to go over there and visit them. jacks was the absolute cutest little guy and was always so excited to see us. I absolutely love them. Im super excited for them. we goaled with them to prepare for temple sealing next year and i am very
excited for that. They are so great.

I felt super blessed to know so many awesome people. THe enrique, jusay family, so many. I love that ward so much. I miss paranaque but know that elder carroll is rocking it.

Being elder carroll's companion was such a gratiffying experience. it was awesome to watch his progression in tagalog, teaching, planning. He seriously developed so much. It was also a cool moment to watch his style of missionary work. Its cool to
see him teach the way i teach and crack all the same tagalog jokes and stuff. love that elder. Im so excited to see all the progress the area makes while he is still there.

Palawan is beautiful. I love it here and am especially loving the people. we are teaching the huit family (who will be baptized this week), the grampa family (may 25), dianne, christian, the opao family, and jenna rose and her family. I am loving it
so much. I am so grateful for my new companion elder greener (from australia!) and i cant wait to see all the blessings that this area has in store for us. Missions are the best.

Sorry ill try and be more consistent, but just know that i am absolutly loving life in the PI

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