March 17, 2019




Elder Carroll

March 17

Hey family,

sheesh this week went by really fast. I am having a super fun time in paranaque.

This week started with a cool experience. We have been teaching brother jerry for a long time. he has been making such great progress but was having a hard time making a baptismal commitment. on sunday we decided to do a companionship fast for him.
We fasted and prayed for heavenly father to answer his concerns and help him make the commitment. We then visited him on wednesday with marvic (a super cool member young adult). We then started by asking him about his reading. he told us that he was reading
the book of mormon through and started over. he was in 1 nephi chapter 5. When he said that, I felt prompted that we should read out of chapter 4 together. we read about how nephi was "led by the spirit...not knowing the things which he should do" We talked
about how nephi probably had many concerns and fears about entering laban's house. but instead of dwelling on his fears, he chose to follow the spirit and was lead by god. We related it to his concerns and how it is overwhelming to focus on the doubts and
concerns. we also told him about how the witness would come, only after our leap of faith. we promised him and testified that if he took the step of faith like nephi did, the lord would answer his concerns and bless him. if he was willing to trust him first.
The spirit was super strong and he committed to a date on april 14. We are super excited for him and left his house absolutely exscatic. his reading has also increased a TON. we went back three days later and he was in 2 nephi. We truly witnessed the miracles
of fasting and prayer. I truly testify of the power of our father in heaven. We are truly doing his work, and he leads the way.

marvic was super fun to work with. he is 19 and hopes to be going on a mission this year. Its super funny to have a companion older than me and to be going out with future missionaries older than me. marvic couldnt believe that i was still 18 haha.
he was one of the nicest and best people ive ever worked with. super great guy. cant wait to work with him next week.

Sis jean is doing really well and is progressing awesomely. We have been teaching her every few days and we have a baptismal date on march 30th. on wednesday she turned to us and said, "you really have the spirit dont you?" we were kinda taken aback.
she continued, "every time you talk i feel something inside that I never felt before. and whenever you guys leave, the spirit leaves with you." marvic started clapping. It was really cool to identify her feelings and teach her about how the spirit works.
I am so grateful for the spirit of our call and for the constant companionship of the spirit.

I have loved training. My companion is absolutely fantastic and it has been a blessing to watch him progress in the language, in teaching, and becoming an even better person. I have learned a lot these last 2 transfers from being with him. He is a fantastic
elder and i feel so blessed to be his companion. i have been so blessed.

love you all, im loving my mission
elder dyches


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