February 10, 2019




Elder Carroll

Week #3 in Paranque

Hey my famiily,

This week was a really good week! Im writing you all on sunday night from my little computer thingy. This week was really great! A lot of great things happened this week.

On tuesday, We were going to lunch at a restaurant called chow king (a delicious restaurant) afterwards, we went and bought markers at a book store for our whiteboard. As we walked out, an old foreigner grabbed my companion by the soldier and said "come
with me". we walked with him over to a filipino lady. She had her back turned to us and couldnt see us. He put his hand on her shoulder and said "honey, look who I found." the sister turned her head and gasped in excitement, covering her hands with her
mouth. She began to say, "an answer to my prayers! I was praying we would find them!" she quickly explained that she was newly married to the foreignor we had met and that she was a member of our church. She than explained that her husband (the joe) was
not a member, but had read the book of mormon multiple times and wanted to be baptized. They had come from the province and just settleed down in Paranaque. She had been praying that she would run into the missionaries and was absolutely thrilled to see
us. The guy's name is Rod Kidd. he is from australlia and is going to be baptized on march 2nd. He is absolutely hilarious. his perrsonality reminds me a lot of grandpa actually. Super duper smart. He has a passion for doctrine unlike almost anyone Ive
ever seen. We sat down with the couple and he asked us to quiz him. I began to ask him simple questions and he asked for me to ask harder ones. I began asking complex questions about the book of mormon and joseph smith, which he answered perfectly. Sheesh
he is a smart guy. He says he used to read it 6 hours a day. We have been visiting them 3 times a week and they came to church with us this sunday. He is super funny and sister is super sweet. he tells us a bunch of his old jokes and sayings. SO FUNNY!
Then he makes this face, this little smirk. Same smirk every time, its absolutely hilarious. he lowers his chin a little and it makes a double chin, oh my word its so funny. he told us that they had briefly met elders in the province but that he had requested
"more experienced" elders. he says he wasnt satisfied with the way they taught. I dont know if he knows how young the two of us are in the mission, but he seems to be enjoying us haha. Sister Kidd and I speak tagalog together which is fun. She assumed that
I was going home next month haha! Man are they so fun to teach. He is super enthusiastic about deep doctrine and absolutely loves "leaving us with a thought" he is so great. he seriously reminds me so much of grandpa. I cant adequetly describe how similar
they are. Grandpa would love him. He is from brisbane (just to let you know dad haha) We are really excited for his baptism. This will be elder Carroll's first one. We are hoping to have weekly baptisms in march though. its been so awesome, we have been
super blessed with new people. We had 5 investigators at church today (3 for the first time) Its been so great!

The same day that we met Rodd (the first foreignor Ive ever taught) we met two other foreignors! the first came up to us while wee were talking to rod and said "is there someone who can help me find the LDS non smoking program! Ive been looking for it
everywhere!" I chuckled and said, "Well I happen to know two guys who would love to help you". It was awesome! we are gonna go to his house sometime soon to visit. Then later that day another man stopped us. his name is mike. He told us that he has been
discontent with his gospel knowledge for years. That he searches the scriptures and sees all the ways that doctrines differ. he told us that every time he prayed to heavenly father for guidance, the missionaries would show up. he kept ignoring it saying
"I hope it isnt the mormons". But earlier that day he prayed again. As he was walking home he felt impressed to walk a different route, when he came across two american missionaries. he told us how he needed spiritual healing, and now we are teaching him.
he wasnt able to come to church this week, but came to church to tell us sorry. he showed up right around the start and said 'I promise I wil next week, something came up today." Ive never had that happen. What a nice guy, Im so excited for him to feel
relief from some of his burdens. Seriously the windows of heaven poured out on us this week. Im so grateful.

I love teaching Jake Paraiso. he is such a great guy. we are always laughing and joking around with each other. he is such a great guy. They moved back into their house this week (they had been living with tatay jimmy because their house lost power)
and were cleaning up the place. We came in and insisted to help. Rose tried her best not to let us, but I was persistent. We all cleaned their house for a little while and then ate burgers and soft drinks. It was super fun. As we were about to go, they
turned on a music video that they had done as a family. it was super hilarious. Rose was singing the chorus, while uncle Richie and cousin kobe had rapping solos. It was super dramatic. jake was an extra. The whole thing was really well done actually.
man they are such an awesome family. We are going to play bball tomorrow morning with Jake and uncle richie. I love that family.

Another cool witness of the spirit happened when we were finding in Santo nino. I was walking a long when I saw a man looking at us. i began to turn away when I felt prompted to talk to him. I asked him if we could visit his family right now. he said
yes, and we went to his family. While we shared the message of the restoration, one of the neighbors (who was in on the lesson) said, "wow, why does my heart feel so peaceful whenever they speak? What is this feeling I am having?" We explained that it was
the power of the holy ghost and shared a couple verses on the spirit. it was super great! They are all really interested and I am excited to go back this week.

We are teaching a part member family called the capili family. Jerry has now gone to church twice and is progressing so well. The changes in him are so visible. Now when we go to his house, he is grasping concepts so much better and feeling the spirit
so much stronger. He is a super fun guy to teach and we hope to have his baptism in march.

San Juan: the return

It was super awesome to go back to san juan. i went on exchanges with our zone leaderr, elder O'connor. He was asigned in san juan for 10 months and wanted to visit before going home. It was super fun, we spent the day visiting members and attending
the baptism. The baptism was wonderful. We walked through the door and I saw them all looking at the font. Ella turned and saw me. she tapped nanay tessie on the shoulder and said "mom, mom, elder Dyches is here!" Nanay tessie turned quickly with a huge
smile on her face and said "You came!! I miss you elder dyches!" She was overjoyed and I was too. she was really worried that I couldnt make it. I was so happy to see her. During the baptism she turned to me and said "I miss you elder dyches. you were always
my favorite." man I miss that lady. Such a wonderful soul. Cesar was equally excited. he talked about how he was worried that I was assigned in palawan and couldnt come back. Then rushed in JM and oneal, grasping me in a giant hug. Man I missed those
boys. As more and more members came in, the hugs continued. Then my boy, elder Armadillo came in. oh my word i miss that guy. We gave each other a huge hug and spent the rest of the time talking to each other. The baptism went well, and nanay tessie's
testimony was great! she cried a little and the spirit was super strong. Man it hurt a little going back to san juan. Seeing all my friends again. Sheesh i love them. Seeing Elder Ladao, Elder Davis, Elder armadillo. wow what awesome friends. Elder Mulipola
and Grothe showed up too to see me, as well as a few sisters. Man I miss that district. Visiting members the rest of the day was so great! Brother jimmenez, bishop, brother coquia, brother munoz, man i missed them all. It was a really fun exchange. Leaving
san juan taught me to treasure my time here in the PI. I seriously can't imagine how I am gonna feel to leave this place. i love it here. I already feel so close to this new ward and all these people. man my mission has been blessed by amazing people.

One of the cool experiences I had this week was during my personal study. I was studying on families, since all my baptisms have been individuals and what I want more than anything is to bring a family to the savior. To help them get sealed as a family.
Oh man I would love that. While studying I searched for ways to find families and how to help them feel the spirit and a need for our message. We have decided that when we go finding with members that we want them to take us to any less actives, part members,
or large families they know. We are going out with Jimmy tomorrow and he has a few families to take us to. We want family history to be a finding tool for us and are trying to get a program going in the ward. I think it could be a cool way to share the
gospel through family. Im really excited.

An answer to dad's taunting, I didnt care who won. I do not root for the patriots but now that they have won, I hope the boston celtics can take it home. That would mean boston wins out (in baseball, bball, and football) We also watched taysom hill highlights.
he is doing such a great job over there!! what a stud.

I will tell a bit more about my comp. he is a gymnast and is super cool. he does backflips for all the kids which is super cute. He is still learning tagalog but I know he will get it. He loves the work and its super easy to be excited with him. he
is just a solid guy. I have been blessed with companions. He is super fun to work with and im looking forward to a lot more memories. I miss my little redhead at home though.

Love you all, hope this place will let me send photos!!

Your big brother
Elder Dyches


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