February 3, 2019




Elder Carroll

Week #2 Paranaque

Hey my family,

This week has been awesome. I am seriously loving the work in paranaque. We are teaching so many cool people and working closer with the ward than I ever have before. Training is super duper fun. Im trying to train Elder Carroll like Elder Armadillo
trained me, but I still have a lot to learn as a trainer. I am absolutely loving it here.

Jake and Rose: Jake paraiso is one of our tinituruan (i might have mentioned him in the last letter) but he is so great. He is one of the happiest, funniest guys I have ever met. That and he is really diligent about our commitments and about his studies.
He is so fun. We go to teach him about 2 times a week, in the morning. We teach him and his member fiance Rose. They are super cute. And always after the lesson, Rose insists on feeding us breakfast and stuff. They are super awesome. They found out that
my birthday is next month and insist on having a party at their house. So cute hahah. I love the people of the Philippines so much. Jimmy Salamanca is the father of Rose. He was less active before but was reactivated by the previous missionaries. He is
now the referral power house. He is the one who introduced Jake to the missionaries as well as a bunch of the other people we are teaching. he is super hilarious and spry. We try and visit/share real quick every time we are in the area. He loves that.
Whenever he passes us on the road he comments, "you two are so diligent" He is the best. I already feel myself growing attached to the people here.

The ward is awesome. And are absolutely thrilled to have elders again. We have had a ton of people come to work with us. Brother Credo, Aaron, Princess, Juvell. Its been awesome. They are a ton of return missionaries and are really helpful. That
and they love to treat us. They insist on paying all the jeep fare, treating us to meals. Wow they are so nice. I find that working with the members has been so much more effective as far as finding goes. in my last area we worked through our own efforts
for the most part as far as finding goes. We knocked doors, asked referrals, and basically worked through our own efforts. One day as I was studying the scriptures, I battled with the question of how I could effectively fresh start here. How could I build
a good system here in Paranaque? I began reading when I chanced upon Doctrine and covenants 111. As I began to read the first few verses, I was astonished at the promises it had. A direct answer to my question. It said that their is much treasure waiting
here. many souls that we will be able to touch. The advice given in that chapter is, "form aquaientance with men in this city, and you shall be led, and as it shall be given you." I took this as my answer that I needed to allow myself to be led. To rely
more on the members to help me do the finding. I started to try that as we started working with members. I asked them to take us to the less actives that they knew in the ward. They took us to families and we were able to share with them. After sharing,
it turned out that almost all of them had referralls within their own households. It was awesome!! I am especially loving working this way because we get to strengthen and bring entire families back instead of just individuals. This morning at church, one
of the less active families/part member families came to church!! We are really excited for them. Especially brother Jerry. he is not yet a member, but is really receptive to our message. I love working with the members. One day we invited brother Aaron
to work with us. He showed up with princess and Juvell and for the rest of the day they took us around finding part members. It was super awesome. Then afterward we all went to S and R pizza and they treateed us. It was so much fun!

I get to go to tessie's baptism!!! I got a text from elder Armadillo that it will be held next saturday. I have permission and I am so excited!! I miss that Lady. She is so ready and I am thrilled for her.

Okay now for the story of how I met brother gonzalez (from grandma and grandpa's ward). Every monday in san juan we would eat at brother morales' house. he was one of our favorite places to go. One day he told us that his brother from canada would be
coming to visit. I was really excited to meet him and hoped he knew grandpa and grandma. When he got here, I asked him where he was from. he said Surrey. i asked then if he knew the todd family. He talked about how they were in his ward. I told him that
they were my grandparents, and we had a fun little conversation. What a small world huh?

Elder Carroll is so much fun to wrok with. I feel absolutely blessed to be training. it feels so wonderful to focus on the development of someone else rather than my own. I am seriously having so much fun. Its really fun to help him with his tagalog,
help him familiarize the book of mormon, and help him establish teaching skills. He is such a great guy. The relationship between a trainer and a trainee is special. I lucked out with the best trainer ever. Elder Armadillo shaped me and my mission in ways
I cannot describe. I hope to be half the trainer that he was. What an excellant guy. I try and train through letting him lead things. Elder Armadillo was always a fan of throwing me into the deep end. Whether or not I was comfortable, he had faith that
I could do it. He trusted me to lead in everything. In planning, teaching, extending commitments. Everything. He was focused on making me the best missionary I could be. his humility continues to amaze me now that I am a trainer. I am trying my best
to follow his example. I feel so blessed with my first two companions. I really do. I love each of them and have developed lifelong relationships. What great elders.

I am loving it here in paranaque. After how hard it was to leave san juan, I never want to leave here hahah. These people are precious. i love them so much. I love the philippines. I couldnt have possibly imagined how much i would come to love it here.
I always assumed that i would go spanish speaking but now that I am here it makes so much sense. my heart is here.

6 months. wow isnt that wild?? time is going way too fast. I am just trying to savor every minute.

I miss you all. You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers, even though I am completely in love here in the PI. I love the little typer thingy. I absolutely love it. Its my #1 fav thing. i love being able to type feelings out throughout the week.
Thank you so much, my christmas package was perfect.

I love the mission life. I am having such a blast. Nothing I have done has been this hard. Nothing has been this rewarding. The salvation of souls is so worth the labor. Especially these wonderful filipino souls.

miss you and love you
your missionary


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