January 27, 2019




Elder Carroll

Week #1 In New Area!!

Hey guys!
Wow, the end of my time in san juan. that was really hard for me. Especially the last couple days before I left. My tinituruan were all upset about transfers. Lita and Cine are trying to plan a time for me to come back and visit them after my mission.
They said they want to take us to cebu. haha they are funny little old ladies. love them both. nanay tessie was one of the hardest to say goodbye too. She kept asking if I could extend over there or if I could still go to church. She made me promise that
I would be at her baptism. During our last prayer together she cried and thanked heavenly father for "her two elders" and prayed that the next elders would be as nice as us. It was so hard to say goodbye. We then had one last dinner appt at the morales
and jimmenez family. At the morales family, it was the last time that the four of us ate together (elders armadillo, ladao, davis, and I) That broke my heart. those elders were like family to me. We were seriously so close. Always laughing and joking around.
Doing family study together on sunday. That really hurt. I got really close to those guys. After dinner, I was asked to share one last time with the family. I started sharing Alma 17:13, about how we were all parting ways but that great was the work we
were undertaking. I started talking about the worth of the souls, and was having a really hard time. I was thinking of all the people from san juan that I loved and how much I cared for them. it was really hard for me. I then looked at my three missionary
pals sitting on the bench adjacent to me and started to get all watery eyed. San Juan is such a huge part of my heart. you dont realize the extent of your love until you are gone. San Juan was the best experience of my entire life and I will always cherish

This week was crazy. I started this week thinking that I was going to Paranaque 5 and fresh starting. Then the next day I got a text that I would actually be going to Las pinas and would be the district leader's companion. I was surprised but excited.
Then, the following night (the night before transfers) I got a text that I would be going to Paranaque 2. I am fresh starting and training :) My trainee is Elder Carroll. He has been in the mission for 6 weeks, but his training wasnt an ideal situation.
He is super excited about being my companion and getting to work a whole ton. What a great guy. He is from colorado. its super fun to be a trainer. Especially of an American. i love getting to help him learn tagalog and missionary skills. He has a passion
for the work that I really love, and we have been sharing a ton.

Paranaque 2:
Paranaque 2 has been really fun so far. We are fresh starting which is always kind of hard but actually really fun. We are in the same ward as a group of sisters which has been really fun. They have been really helpful to us as well. The last missionaries
were doing great work but kept very little record of it. The area book was really lacking, no progress records, and no map. And yet, through miracles, we have not gotten lost yet. The ward consists of a TON of return missionaries. Everyone has been asking
if this is my last area and are very surprised that I am training a foreignor this early. I feel very blessed to. Im having such a great time. They are all super friendly and want to work with us. im really excited about that. Bishop is really new, but
a really great guy. most of all, i really like the people we are teaching right now. Jake Paraiso is a tinituruan that has a baptismal date. he has been going to church for a while but needs to be married first. its interesting because he has been going
to church a lot but there is still a bunch of teaching that has not been done. So its been really fun for us to get to do his teaching. he is super nice, and I feel really close with him already. Its been especially fun to start this area, knowing how to
speak a lil tagalog because Im able to be way more outgoing. I have really enjoyed that. Especially in finding, I feel like I am able to be myself more than ever before. I am absolutely loving sharing here in paranaque. we have found 2 families that we
are going to start teaching. i am really excited about that since I havent gotten to teach a whole ton of families. We found them while knocking doors. We shared a message briefly with them an set up a return appt for tuesday. Im super excited. This area
is actually pretty nice. There are a decent amount of trees and we are right next to the bay. I am really enjoying it here. The sisters arer some of the hardest working/coolest sisters Ive ever met. They are all very experienced in the mission. Very great

Sunday was awesome. We bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting, taught a few lessons with a member named brother Credo (who took a lot of live action photos for you guys) and had a dinner appt. It was a great day. One thing about being two americans
is that you get hit on a TON MORE. oh my word Ive never been cat called this much in my life. Its a constant thing now. Oh well haha.

Man I must say, leaving an area hurt. The first few days here I got really area sick. i missed san juan a whole ton. Its funny though because my last district has been calling or texting every day. Elder armadillo, Ladao, mulipola, davis, grothe.
all of them have been calling and trying to arrange p day hangouts. all I know is that I am allowed to go back to san juan for tessie's baptism, and the baptism of lita and cine.

Monday has been really fun. We went to the mission home for a birthday party. We ate a ton of food and watched nba/nfl highlights. I was overjoyed to watch my boys hanging with the warriors. We are gonna be really good!! next week we might go there
with all the san juan elders and watch the superbowl! we shall see.

I love my new comp. he is such a great guy and I really enjoy talking with him. He is such a fantastic companion. i am enjoying getting to help spiritually nourish him and help prepare him. he is really having a good transfer so far. i am blessed with

I seem to love life here in the philippines more and more each week. I absolutely love the people. i feel like I conect wit them well. it feels like we are family. Its really funny, in this new area we have made friends really quickly. We were walking
a long the road one day when I felt prompted to stop and talk to a guy who had just waved at us. We stopped and started talking to him. By the end, he was clapping me on the back and told me he wanted to start going to church with us when he moves into the
area (in march) he then tried to get people to come to our church as they passed by. what a nice guy. We also met a guy who was in desperate circumstances. he cried and told us that he had been searching for missionaries the whole day because he was having
a hard time. We were able to talk to him and share god's love for him. It was a wonderful experience.

The worth of souls is great. I know that more than ever. i love the people out here and I want them to have salvation so bad. I pray with all my heart for my loved ones in san juan. I miss them like crazy but am grateful for my time with them. i am
excited for all the opportunities ahead in paranaque 2. your missionary is a happy one :)

You said it right. i get very attached to people. it is really hard for me to leave people behind. I feel like heavenly father has blessed me with close relationships in my life. I have been blessed to know so many wonderful people. i am forever for
the fact that life continues after this one. That the people I love, will be with me always. i love missionary work. It is hard, really hard. but it is worth it. it would be worth it for the one. it would be worth is for jenny. for ferb. For jm, cesar,
tessie, lita, cine, and jake. I am so grateful that God has placed me in the paths of so many wonderful people. im excited for the opportunity ahead.


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