January 21, 2019


San Juan


Elder Armadillo

Week #18 San Jua

Hello my wonderful family,

today I will be writing two letters, if you could save them both to the website thingy. I will be transferring to paranaque 5th ward, in paranaque zone Manila. I am excited at the chance to meet new people, but very sad that I will be leaving behind a
ward, tinituruan, and missionaries that I love. My heart hurts, but i am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here.

Ive known that I was gonna transfer for awhile. Ive heard weeks of jokes and goodbyes but didnt want to tell you until it was certain. I found out after interviews. Coming into this day I knew their were two options. 1) I would be one more transfer
with Elder Armadillo before training the transfer after that. In this option, president's plan was to have me stay around 9 months here. and 2) I would transfer out this transfer and Elder Armadillo would train an incoming missionary from his ward. all of
us knew how amazing of an opportunity it would be for them, so we all started savoring our time together. My tinituruan and ward members are just as sad. Nanay tessie spent a little while asking me about transfers and when i would leave. She told me that
she would miss me a lot when I leave and made me promise to visit her before I leave. She also suggested that I find a filipino wife so that she can come to the wedding. HAHAH she's such a funny lady. I also have farewell dinner appts with the morales and
jimmenez families. Tomorrow i get to visit all my recent converts and tinituruan one last time. im heartbroken and expect some tears. My missionary pals are equally torn apart. Elder Mulipola is in a state of mourning and says that he will find a way to
get transferred there. He also said that he is going to call me all the time. he gave me a bunch of nice shirts and stuff as rememberence. I gave him a couple of mine too. My boy, ah that hurts a lot. Elder Davis has been saying for weeks that he wants
me to stay. He also "has plans" for us to be companions someday. Im seriously gonna miss these guys so much. Im gonna miss my trainer a ton. He and I are really close and Im so sad to be leaving him. he has promised to write me throughout my mission.
I have seriously been so blessed.

Paranaque. I am really excited to experience a new area. I think I might be fresh starting again. I have no idea who my companion is yet, but Im excited

this letter will be shorter since I want to spend most of my time on the next one I write, but here are some things i typed throughout the week
Hey Everybody!

How are you all doing?? Its probably either the very end of your school semester, or the beginning of a new one. SO i hope that grades and such go well! You are all such smart people though so Im sure you will do great.

Wow this month has gone by so quickly. It is January 18th right now, and Im absolutely shocked at the speed of time. This week has been really fun so far.

Zone Conference: Its always such a fun opportunity to have a zone conference. This zone conference, we were asked to bring priesthood leadership from our ward. We brought president parada and I think he really enjoyed it. The talks in Zone Conference
were really good. president spoke about faith and repentance. The spirit was so strong. I love Zone conference because it gives such a spiritual refresher and motivation for us. I love learning from the Aps and president fermanis. With teaching repentance
president talked about how an essential part is bearing personal testimony of the power of repentance. The spirit strongly testified of his words and I decided to share more personal experience and personal testimony in my lessons. Other than the lessons,
we watched the ground breaking for the new Philippines temple!! I am so excited for the people of the philippines. It looks like it is going to be BEAUTIFUL and Im super excited for the lives it will bless here in the PI.

We were able to take our tinituruan to see the temple the other day. The spirit was super strong and I loved every minute of it. The temple is the happiest place on earth and they could definitely feel the spirit there. I saw my mtc teacher there too
and she was extatic to see me! it was so fun being able to actually speak with her! its not until you have moments like that, where you realize how much the lord has helped you with tagalog. It was so fun/

having 4 missionaries in san juan has been the greatest thing ever. We are like a little family and all super tight. i love teasing elder ladao. We tease each other, wrestle around, and have such a fun time. I tease him all the time that i am his missionary
role model and how happy I am that he looks up to me. he tries to interrupt and object, but i am toquick for him hahaha. he is seriously the best. Davis is such a kindhearted guy and its been fun to be like a missionary big brother to him. Sometimes when
he has needed words of encouragement or uplifting its been really fun to be there for him. I love having us four. Dinner appointments are so lively and fun. I also love that we have been doing a group (family) study of the new come follow me curriculum
on sunday. Since we have none, we do it together. It is so spiritually uplifting and I love it.

This week I also met Brother Gonzalez, from grandpa's ward! It was so fun to speak tagalog with him and talk to him. What a small world. He is a relative of brother morales. Super fun.

the pina elders are hilarious. They are kinda crazy. one day i went to squash a cockroach when they yelled "elder stop!". they ran and grabbed rubbing alcohol, before lighting this cockroach on fire in the middle of the appartment. they are hilarious.
what even.

well I better get onto the other letter. I love you all!!!

ps funny that dad should mention being a lizard on a wall. because during the week that we were sleeping at manda (which we dont anymore) there were a bunch of lizards living in my bed that pooped everywhere. So i would prefer you not to be a lizard
on the wall. hahaha


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