December 30, 2018


San Juan


Elder Armadillo

Week #15 San Juan

Hello my family!!

Okay, our christmas talk was amazing. It was so fun to see you all and talk to you. I miss you like crazy, but feel very happy that we got to talk and laugh together :)

I absolutely love my missionary plaque. I feel like it captures the heart of the philippines, and shows how much fun I am having here. Thank you so much for doing that! Also please thank the southams for the awesome ornament. Seriously, so thoughtful
of them.

I already told you a lot of this, but Im going to write it down anyway. Christmas was super fun. WE slept over at manda house and ate a bunch of food over there. In the morning we listened to christmas music and had a really good time. I also shaved
for the first time with shaving cream and a razor. The mission has made a man out of me hahaha! I will make sure to get Elder Mulipola's shaving tutorial to you when I get it. After, we all went to our district meeting and activity. I was in charge of the
christmas message which was fun. I shared about 1 nephi chapter 11. I focused on the verses about the savior and his saving power. I felt the saviors power and peace a lot this christmas. This is one of my favorite christmases I have ever had. It was wonderful
to feel the spirit so strongly and to just focus on our savior. It was wonderful. Afterward, we ate and hung out for a little while. WE then went to work, christmas truly has it's miracles. We found a new family who is part member. The nonmembers were
really interested and we are going to start teaching them. We also contacted a referral for the first time and she committed to church and that she would read the book of mormon. Christmas is a special day and it felt wonderful. We finished by going to
a members house and eating a big dinner. It was a wonderful christmas.

Christmas tradition here:
Here in the philippines, people show there respect to the elderly by touching the hand of the elderly to their forehead. This is called blessing, and everyone does it. A fun christmas tradition is that all the children, when they bless and elderly person,
are given money. Its a really cute, fun tradition. On christmas morning, a ton of kids are running around trying to find the elderly, and all the old folks are hiding. It is super cute and fun.

parties here are absolutely wild. There are at least 6 on each road. You can only walk a few feet before running into more drunk people. They are all singing karaoke, and eating. I seriously can't believe how much drinking I saw. One drunk guy came
up to me and hugged me, before giving me a big/wet kiss on the cheek. Oh my word, it was so gross. My companion thought it weas really funny hahah.

ward activity: We had the awesome opportunity to go with our priesthood leaders to deliver food to the needy members in our ward. It was wonderful. The four of us elders were packed into a car with a ton of members and we all had a really good time
laughing and joking. One of the members we were delivering to was a less active member. he is a balut salesman. Bishop insisted that to fellowship him, he would treat us all to balut. He turned to me and asked if I could eat balut and I responded "of course
bishop". Poor elder davis did not enjoy it at all. They gave him a different kind of egg, that didnt have the bird. He almost through it up. Poor guy hahah. I ate 2 baluts. The members LOVED that. They kept patting me on the back and telling me that
I was a philipino at heart. Elder Armadillo kept saying, "thats my boy, thats my boy!" Balut isnt actually that bad. Its grown on me a little. The only thing is that I prefer the bird a little more adapted. It is much tastier fleshy rather than liquidy.
Either way though, balut isnt that bad. It was so fun getting to deliver to our members. I seriously miss activities like that from mutual. The food drive, christmas boxes, and service are definitely my favorite memories. It was so fun to get another
taste of that here in the PI

more activities to come: My missionary pal and I have plans to start doing more activities here. We want to give members more opportunities to bring people and want our tinituan to be fellowshipped and loved. We are going to start a family history class,
english class, and do a mini mtc hopefully. I am super excited for these. I think they will be great opportunities to find people.

Our new years is going to be awesome. I think that we have all 9 missionaries sleeping in manda tonight. Wow, I cant believe it is new years already. Time flies so quickly. Merry new years everybody!! Love you all!!!!


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