December 23, 2018


San Juan


Elder Armadillo

Week #14 Still in San Juan!

Merry Christmas Eve my family!!

Im so excited to see you all in a couple days! Im seriously so excited. I can't believe its christmas already, wow time flies so fast.

Im so happy to hear about your adventures, spiritual experiences, and everything thats going on with you guys. im so happy to hear that my siblings have such a giving heart this year. That makes me very happy. I seriously love you guys so much.

My week was really good! I seriously love having the new san juan elders here. That and our new district leader is really cool. Love those guys. This week started with exchanges and our christmas party.

Christmas party: Mission gatherings are the absolute best. I absolutely love it when we all get together. It is such a special feeling. our christmas devotional was the best. We heard a few talks and watched a message from the 2017 christmas devotional.
It was wonderful. The spirit was so strong. Spending christmas in the mission is a special experience. It may be the hardest time of the year to be gone, but the spirit is really strong around this time of year. I feel very grateful to be on a mission right
now. The sacrifice is so worth it. For the christmas party, after the devotional, we ate as a big group of missionaries. It was so fun to see my batch again. I love those guys so much. we swap mission stories and have an overall great time. That, ad it
is wonderful to see president fermanis. He is seriously one of the greatest men I have ever met. I feel so grateful to have him as my mission president.

splits: I had exchanges with Elder mulipola and Elder Grothe this week. it was really fun to go back to their area and teach their tinituruan again. Their most progressing tinituruan was really happy to see me again. her name is maricar. She is going
to be baptized on January 5, and is making sure that I go haha. She is hilarious. I was with elder Grothe when we taught her. On the jeepney I asked him what we would teach. He turned to me and said, "I want you to use the spirit of discerment and teach
what we need to teach." As we began the lesson, maricar opened up about not being ready for baptism. She talked about how she had so many questions and lacked so much knowledge. I felt prompted to share Alma 32, and tell her about Jenny. As we shared the
chapter, I asked her what it meant for her feelings of baptism. Her countenance brightened and she responded that she idnt have to know everything. That all she needed was to have faith. She then exclaimed. Okay elders, I will be baptized on january 5,
and i know who i want to have baptize me. "Is it okay to have 3 people baptize me?" We spent the rest of the lesson teaching her the process of baptism and that it is done by one person hahah. I think they are still trying to convince her right now. Its
okay, Im just excited for her. I really love elder grothe. We are already super close buds. He always says, "elder Dyches, Youre so cool. Youre so nice man." he's seriously so great. it was fun to learn from the way he teaches. I love splits because
I get to learn and progress my own teaching. That is my goal in my mission. I may be done with "training", but I want to always be learning. Always developing a closer relationship with my savior and learning how to do his work better.

Mulipola: It was super fun to do exchanges with Elder mulipola again. he is such a goofy, great dude. We have a ton of fun together. He wants me to go to new zealand and get married there, after my mission. hahah I doubt that but its a fun plan for
him. We taught a bunch of lessons. Its really fun being with a foreignor because we both speak english to each other and in lessons we have the same level of tagalog experience. He is such a great guy.

Sleepovers: last week, elder mulipola called me and told me that him and elder grothe's plan was for us to sleep over 4 nights last week, because of exchanges, p day, and district meeting. It was so fun. That, and we are allowed to stay over in the
san juan house if it makes work more efficient the next day. With weekly planning, we do it over there so that we can coordinate ward activities and stuff. So we slept over a couple times over there. I love that it's totally allowed. It was really fun
to hangout at night with them. Elder erickson and I got really close. We talked a ton about life and missions and everything. The night I left their house, he begged us to stay one more night. He's hilarious. I have so many great friends here.

Starting this third transfer, i have changed the entire way i study. During the first transfer, You need a lot of healing. You have a ton of stress and personal study was a way to immerse your hardships in the scriptures. Starting this 3rd transfer,
I feel so much relief. Ive now began to study wholeheartedly to develop my teaching, or to help my tinituruan. This is the was it should be. Ive noticed developments and further inspiration as I focus outside of myself. I am seriously so happy now. This
transfer is going so fast already. Im now focused 100%. Im not counting my days, but making them count.

Praying always: I also made it a goal to pray more throughout the day. Its so easy to rely on your own wisdom. When you get punted on an appointment, its easy to make a quick decision without having the though to pray. I want my mission to be centered
in christ, going where he would have me go. Ive started to stop and pray whenever i need guidance. ive found that whenever that happens, the next few doors all listen, and we get to teacha lesson. The spirit is powerful.

Church: It is a struggle to get people to come to church. We havent had a lot recently, which is sad. Out here on the mission you truly feel the sorrow when people dont keep commitments. i didnt think that part would hurt so much. You want it so bad
for them. you look at them and see them as eternal families. It hurts when they dont take the steps to get there. I always remember the advice that dad gave me. He said that this would happen. he said to turn to the saviors atonement during those sad
times. I have been. it is important to have the faith to realize that other chances will come for them. God has a plan for them.

I am having such a wonderful time. So excited to talk to you all and tell stories and such!!

love you so much!!!!!

Connor Dyches


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