November 18, 2018


San Juan


Elder Armadillo

Week #9 San Juan

Hey my family!! first off, sorry that this letter is late. We spent the night as district elders last night and played basketball all morning. I love you all so much and am so happy to hear about a successful paris trip, healthy family, and that you are using
the spirit to find new opportunities. Thats so great!! Ah man do I have a great family!!

In answer to your questions (hopefully remembering all of them) yes i do have a transfer before christmas. The first one was almost definitely not going to have change, but this one very likely could. My training will be over in 3 weeks. That's absolutely
crazy. The time in the field passes so quickly. Its hard work but oh my word is it fun. And the time absolutely flies! HAHA i knew that would be your one complaint about my video. wanting to hear the tagalog. hahah! you will hear for sure on christmas.
It was funny actually, a member found out my first name and looked me up on insta. He showed me the video you posted of me speaking tagalog. Oh my word it was so fun to see the progress in the field. Oh man, i have been truly blessed by having such a great
trainer and district. I was definitely put here by an all knowing heavenly father. So cool that he has such personal insight and directs the work to best help our souls and others. so cool.

We had another baptism this week! Ferb francisco! It was so much fun teaching him. He is a 9 year old kid in a member family. It was such a great experience to teach all the lessons so simply. TO teach the doctrine in its simplest and purest form.
Thats how the gospel should always be. Simple and beautiful. Sometimes we distract ourselves from the joy of the gospel when we get caught up in the unknown. The gospel in its purest form is the good tidings of great joy!! the plan of salvation!! It was
so cool to teach him. He was actually a receptiver lil guy. So much fun. He actually remembered tithing and the word of wisdom better than our adult tinituruan. what a clever lad haha! Oh man it was so fun getting to baptize him! we had a bit of a scare
though. The day of the baptism came, and our ward mission leader texted us that the font was broken in san juan. We were minutes away from the designated time. We called our district leader and managed to arrange for us to join in their baptismal service.
It was really fun and there were so so many members over there. I love our district so much. Ferb is such a special guy and I feel so blessed to have been a part of his baptism. Christ always taught to come unto him as children. I can see why. His testimony
and knowledge is so pure. So innocent. Without fear, doubt, or hesitation. Oh that we could be like that! That we could be like little ferb. I love that lil guy! what a great experience.

We had splits this week and i was with elder mulipola (elder bickmore's new companion) It was SO much fun! We are super tight already. Love that dude so much. We seriously had such a great time teaching and talking all day. He is one transfer ahead
of me (he was trained in coron, palawan). During our exchange we visited the blanquisco family for the first time. The blanquisco family is all members except the mom. her son is reporting to the mtc on december 14th. We taught her and she reminded me
so much of my own momma. so sincere and sweet. you could tell she was a little heartbroken with her son leaving. (okay correction, armadillo and i taught her, but mulipola and i set the appt with her sons) we taught her about temples and eternal family.
We also told her we would come back and teach/help her prepare for her son's mission. Ah i want to baptize her so badly!! I couldnt imagine going on a mission with my momma not firm in the faith. Oh i am so blessed. After visiting the sons, elder mulipola
and i started walking to our next appt when we passed a bball court with 7 guys playing. Usually i dont stop and play. In fact i hardly ever do, because i love teaching more. But as i was passing, i felt a sudden prompting to stop and play. I walked up
to them and told them that we would play. On the condition that if we won, we would teach a lesson. Mulipola and I beat them, and got to teach about the book of mormon. After testifying of christ, i told the guys that I had one book of mormon to give.
I asked who wanted it. A hand quickly shot up, and one of the guys claimed it. The others started to panic, "wait, wait can we share it? can you come back with more?" they were very genuinely interested. Armadillo and i came back and gave them books of
mormon. They were so excited to have them. I started to fold pages for a reading assignment in one of their books of mormon. The others all began turning quickly through theirs to find the pages i was assigning to their friends. It was so cool! Im excited
to go back this week. Afterward, we visited the abril family. The abril family is awesome. They are awesome but they dont go to church. Their son has a mental dissorder of some sort and gets free therapy from the catholic church. Its been hard to help
them trust the lord, that going to church will bring forth opportunities and blessings. The last time we went though, she said that she knew the book of mormon was true. That she felt peace every time she read it. That was exciting! hopefully she will go
to church next week!! Elder mulipola and I also ate a whole ton. We hit up mccdonalds (which has never tasted so good) and a few other cheap places. It was so fun!

This week we have been doing a 90 hour week. we are allowed to start anytime in the morning. We have been waking up at 4 am and studying. Then starting proceliting at 7. Oh my word, the time passes so fast during those days. The work is hard, and
we are tired, but its been awesome to get to visit more families and have more time.

letting the spirit guide:
This week we needed to find a former tinituruan. The sisters told us that he really wanted to be baptized but hadnt been a focus person because they couldnt visit him that often. We decided to visit on thursday. When we were about to go to his house,
however, we realized that we had no address. We needed to find a guy we had never met in a barangay we had never worked in. It seemed impossible. My comp asked me, "elder dyches what do you want to do?" I told him, lets let the spirit guide! he said okay
and told me to lead the way. I stopped and prayed. I asked heavenly father to show me the way to his house. After the prayer i began to walk. At each turn i began to receive feelings of where to go. The spirit strongly prompted me on where to turn and
go. walking through the windy roads of an unfamiliar place, I felt very strongly that we were heading in the right direction. We stopped and asked a woman if she knew the man we were searching for. She responded that his house was right behind us. We were
able to teach him and he was very interasted. I am so grateful that the lord prompted my footsteps. That he used the spirit to guide me. Everyone back home knows how bad i am with directions. That was truly a miracle indeed.

we got to do a big district service project this week! it was so much fun! we went to a school and worked on moving garbage and cleaning the place. It was so relexing and fun to get to serve. Especially with our sitrict. Love them all so much. we are
going back to paint next week. We'll see how that goes! i am not, persay, the artsy type ;) oh well! itll be fun!

dad talked about hard days in the mission. There certainly are those. On sunday, even after a 90 hour week, none of our tinituruan came to church. Not one. Its so easy to let that stress us out, but i have a new way to look at mission trials. when
things get hard ive decided to never let stress weigh me down. On sunday i said to myself. "wow, heavenly father is saving up his blessings right now. Oh man its gonna be so geat when he pours them out on us! he must have something special ahead!" mission
trial is swallowed up in the joy of the work! as long as you dont let yourself be weighed down, there arent any bad days out here. All the hard stuff is swallowed up in the atonement of christ! Im so happy. We have been blessed with 2 baptisms. I cant complain
at all. I am so blessed :)

Alrighty here comes the fun stuff. time to talk about the weird food ive eaten here. Im sure you all have been interested in that. Some of the weirdest include, chicken intestines, some sort of animal pancreas, and squid. They actually arent that bad.
Especially chicken intestines! that stuff is actually pretty tasty. Who knew! The members love that i try all their food. They told me on sunday, "elder dyches you are good at tagalog because you are willing to eat all our food and become filipino" Its
like a big family in our ward. We had bishop's birthday yesterday. all the members gathered together and had a bunch of food. It was absolutely delicious and so much fun!

district sleepover:
so in our mission, we are allowed to sleepover at each other's houses the day before p day. So sunday, all 7 of our district guys slept over in the district leader's appartment. It was so great!! elder mulipola was so hyped all week long. He called
me and told me that he had a big piece of pizza and fries for me and their house. Awh man I love that dude. What great guys. we watched mormon messages and all slept on the floor haha! it was so fun! we are gonna do it every week now. We all woke up early
and played bball this morning too. It was so so so much fun! literally the fastest week of my entire life. I love the work here. It feels like home. Our district feels like family. I absolutely love it out here. Missions are the adventure of a lifetime.
I am so happy.

I love you all so much and cant wait to talk to you soon!! you mean so much to me!!! keep me in your prayers and thank you for praying for my tinituruan. Please keep doing that. They mean a whole lot to me.

thank you for raising me to always smile. For raising me to recognize the joy. To love the work. your missionary is very grateful!

your boy
Elder dyches


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