August 31, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Litchfield

To Dad: Week 5 at MTC

Hey dad! ill send my big email in just a sec but i am so happy to hear from you guys

mom, i am so sorry that the cranberry causes so much pain for you. I did love that car a ton (and still do haha) dont sell it!! I knew you knew from the beginning but i dont think you could understand the magnitude of change that has entered my heart
because of it. I literally dont think negative things about that topic at all anymore. Not one. I have been given so much peace and love in that regard and it has been such a blessing. The growth is real and has hit my arm too sadly... my long sleeve shirt
is a bit too short on the arms now. Oh well i wear that for baptisms and thats it. im not allowed to try to dunk in the mtc but i will try for sure in a couple weeks. I got an email from cole last week actually! love that guy. i could tell from his email
that he is in a really good place. hes gonna be one heck of a missionary soon. as far as next week goes we have no idea, we know abolutely nothing about what will happen but thats all part of the surprise. I still havent gotten my shirts back from ashley...
i hope to soon though. im glad everyone is doing so good over there though!! love you all and talk to you in a sec!


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