August 24, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Litchfield

To Dad: Week 4 from MTC

Hey Dad! sorry its super early and i wont actually be able to send my big one for a few hours but i will leave you with some details while my luandry is being done. THis week has been by
far my favorite in the mtc. Ever since going to the temple last week, every day feels awesome and i am super happy. I loved getting the package with colty's picture, the phone, and my boston shirt! that was such a pleasant surprise!! thank you guys so much!
i have coltons drawing hanging up next to my bed. Miss that little guy! okay you better get on their case for me. I miss my little minions. tell them that i expect at least 1 email a month from those three. Tell them i love them and am super proud of each
of them. Im glad to hear about grandma! i am kind of shocked she has been there for so long!! that poor lady. send her love for me. Im glad to hear about momma's room! you guys have worked so hard and its finally coming together. Shes gonna have such a
fun time this year! Im glad to hear nicole is enjoying life and that landon is at least enjoying football half the time! though i agree with you that basketball is much better! thats so excititng that you get to go hear from the prophet. all of us here are
so pumped for general conference!!!! like ive never been this hyped for general conference. Ive always loved it but now its like the best thing ever. We had an apostle come this week!! (sneak peak of whats to come haha) and he talked about the name correction
too. it was a really good talk. alright here is whats to come: has elder dyches grown? basketball tales, language mess ups, awesome talks, weather mayhem, flight plans and such (hopefully, they are supposed to come today), and lots more!! love all of you!!
the gospel is the best! im so thrilled to hear about the increase in gospel study. Nothing will prepare those three for missions like good family study. Its so awesome getting two hours a day to just study the saviors words. THat part goes so fast. i personally
love it here. I am having so much fun!

i sent pics in front of the map! also if it isnt too late id like to change my scripture to 2 nephi 22:2, but if it is no worries at all! talk to all of you in a few hours!!


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