August 17, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Litchfield

To Dad: Week 3 at MTC

Hey dad!

first off please tell my little man happy birthday!!! i miss that guy so much! he was in my thoughts a lot yesterday and i hope his birthday was awesome! I cant believe my lil guy is gonna pass the sacrament and have the priesthood. Thats so awesome.
Im very excited for him. please give him lots of love from his bambino. i miss all of you. Im so happy to hear that nicole is happy and that her friends are treating her right. I know the blessings that good friends can be. tell her im proud of her for
all of her efforts to become an even better person, though i think she has already made great progress and heavenly father is proud of her for it. Tell little colty that i miss his imagination and that i love him. tell him he is a special guy and that he
has been blessed with an amazing voice and art skills that his big brother envies. (though i can draw a pretty great stick figure, not to brag) Im happy to hear about yours and moms diet, though i promise you that i will always be better at bball ;) i keep
bulking up myself. im now up to 136 which is like 10 lbs more than when i came out. My shot has been true, my defense as well, and i can even drive pretty well. I can even cross up the other elders!! like there are elders who play bball that i constistently
cross up. its so much fun. we never ended up playing manila vs san pablo because there are way too many san pablo elders. there are like 6 manila and multiple districts of san pablo. MY teachers are great. i love them so much. sister combrig and brother
frei. They served in catayan i think? they have been back for a couple years but still speak very well. Sister combrig is newly married and the sweetest ever. she is super bubb;y and full of life. They are both white haha! Tagalog makes sense more than
any language ive studied. and yet it is super long and i know almost nothing. what i do know i attribute to the lord and what i dont know will come eventualy! Spanish has not helped at all except for some vocab. The problem when i speak tagalog is that
i want to fill in the words i dont know with spanish since that is the gut reaction. tagalog does not use a lot of filler words (for example "is" doesnt exist) so i want to fill in with es, con, and other spanish words. Its okay i will get the hang f it
through a ton of prayer. One of the teachers who walked in on a lesson noticed we were all stressed and said. "the lord used an uneducated 14 year old boy to translate the b.o.m in 2 months. he can help you learn tagalog." that advice spoke to my soul and
calmed me a lot. It is a game changer that we have the lord on our side. Anyway i gotta get my luandry and go back to the dorm for a sec. Ill send more in the email to mom! love you!!


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