August 10, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Litchfield

To Dad: Week 2 in MTC

Daddio! good to hear from you!

Okay so im gonna do the big detailed one to mom at some point today but i have a quick second to email while my laundry is finishing. First off i want to know if you guys can access the photos in the google drive? can you find them there or do i have
to actually manually send them? they are uploaded in there right now so it would be great if you could check for me!

I am still having an amazing time. I try to be positive. keeping positive and happy is the best way to live. That being said, there are hard moments. I miss family and friends and home in general at times. We work very very hard and so sometimes its
easy to miss the relaxing life a little haha. Those moments have been small. I have been studying a lot about compassion and service so that i can lose myself in the service of those around me. That is how ive managed to stay happy. Im having such a wonderful
time. tagalog is a crazy language and each word is super long. whats interesting is that it all makes sense. The language is based on roots unlike any language ive ever studied. The words are long but you still manage to understand them by finding the
roots. the reason words and sentances are so long is because they add little words to make things plural (mga) or make it a question (ba) or add parts to the word to specify tenses. It is super fun and im loving it. This week we have been teaching our teachers
little lessons which has been encouraging and humbling all at once. I will go into big detail on absolutely everything very shortly but i have to go get my clothes. I am super happy and am fealing the spirit super strong! talk to you in a sec! love you!



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