August 3, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Litchfield

To Dad: Week 1 in the MTC

To answer the question about letters, my district leader has not given us mail or packages yet, i believe that happens tonight. Dad this place is the best. Every part of it is amazing. Constant prayer, study, and a ton of tagalog is just the
best, however p day is an inspired thing too. Ive heard that 9/10 are getting visas right now but that we wont know until week 6 of the mtc here, and then we will indeed head off to the manila mtc for a week. My companions are all super great guys and we
are all getting along just fine. My schedule right now is different than what it will be next week. we have a ton of orientations with mtc president, branch president, etc. We also have a bunch of intro classes to missionary work and such. the reason i
got to email twice was because i got there early. so they had me email tuesday, but they also had all the wednesday missionaries write real quick so i got to twice. Thats so great that you guys are working too! love to hear that! And yes im about to head
off to play a grueling game of bball. Its so much fun here dad. so good to hear from you! give my love to everyone!


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