January 23, 2017


Mazate Lincoln, Guatemala


Elder Salazar

I literally sweat here more than I breath

Well life here goes on its normal gira and hopefully everything will be fine for this next upcoming week as well. I hear that there is a lot of snow over there from basically everyone. I cant tell you I know what you mean because I literally sweat here more than I breath so its all good! :) Its been really quite the week this week. I have had a lot of cool experiences with interesting and such miraculously placed persons.

I got to meet several children of God that I feel are his elect! One of them is Irlanda who we found yesterday when trying to sum up and follow the spirit to know where to go, she passed by and we followed her to talk about her nephew who we are teaching. In the end we taught her and she seems to be more positive than other investigators! Even more than her nephew. She is such a sweet old lady that poured out her sorrow about who she is and how she feels so alone in her tiny apartment. Its sad to see a person like that with such potential to help, be reduced to a tiny room in a tiny apartment building. She is great and we will go with her tomorrow with a member to be her new friend.

There is also Boris who speaks English and others who do things similar. Its quite interesting to see how God keeps on blessing us. We have a great zone and my new companion Elder Salazar is great. He is very humble and is actually a 24 year old convert from Peru. He is great and has the spirit so i know we will see many miracles.

I hope that this week we can learn many things from the conference and I have the faith that each missionary in the world that observes with the spirit of prayer and self evaluation will learn something that he never knew or realized before. I have much to improve on so This week has the potential to be unforgettable!

Life is always interesting and I have had the chance to eat Little Ceasars again, try Subway for the first time in about 2 years, and even we lost the keys twice and I lost the phone today! I have a lot of stuff to improve on but thanks to Gods Mercy... Allí vamos! :) I hope everyone has a great week and remember that God loves you all!!!! :)
Elder Tucker

P.S. Check out this new way to celebrate baptisms according to the members of Mazate!!!


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