January 23, 2017


Tracy, California


Elder Omar Silva

The Storm

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been super Crazy!!!

We had the most massive storm anyone has seen in years here in the Central Valley. Elder Silva and I were biking when it hit. It was so bad that it almost blew us right off of our bikes. When pedaling against the wind, you had to put the bike in the lowest gear in order to go anywhere, if not your legs would just burn. The rain looked as if it was falling in a horizontal direction and would beat you in the face pretty hard. We received a text from the Zone Leaders saying that it was too dangerous to be on bikes, so we walked. We brought our umbrellas with us but it was no help with the wind. Elder Silva's umbrella broke as a huge gust of wind hit our backs. We decided it was time to put on our hoods and continue walking. As we would walk, very large branches would snap and fall from trees either further in front of us or behind us. Luckily we were not hit. The rain would somehow still find a way to drill us in the face no matter what way we were facing. The wind was pushing us like we were walking through a large crowd of people. That day we walked for a total of 7 hours. The storm lasted for nearly 24. On our return home, I noticed 6 different trees that had fallen. 2 in particular were very large. One crashed through a fence and into a ditch on the other side. It was massive. A member in our ward had both of their cars smashed by the one in their front yard that had come down. It was even more massive!

After biking and walking for several hours I felt like I had enough. I said to myself, "I am tired of my legs burning. I am tired of talking to nobody. I am tired of this rain that has been going on for weeks. I am tired of going to bed with my back sore. I am tired of missionary work!" I looked up into the dark sky and said a small prayer, "Father, help me to feel thy comfort. In the name of Jesus Christ amen." At that moment my anger was suddenly overwhelmed with peace. I then uncovered my head and just soaked it all in. The beating rain suddenly felt good on my face. The wind didn't bother me anymore. I wanted to stay out there for hours longer. I let my spirit overcome my distressed physical body. It felt good.

Whatever type of tempest that comes your way, pray for peace and soak it in. The Lord is waiting for you to just ask. I noticed that He didn't take away the storm, but he did give me the strength to endure and find peace.

Don't harden your hearts. Let the Lord take over your life. He want's to. Do not face your challenges on your own. Do not look to the world for your source of protection against a storm, look to the Lord.

-Elder Manley


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