July 9, 2018


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Elder Goes

Week 9: Ties, Failled Crepes, and Two Months August 31, 2017 - September 6, 2017

This week was very good. There were a few days that were a little long becuase all of our appointments fell through but all in all it was a very good week! I had a great experience this week! Me and My companion found 2 hatians to teach. Hatians are great! They are super reseptive. However, they dont know any spanish and if youre lucky they will know a little bit of english. There are a lot of them here! But we found these 2 and one knew english and the other knew portaguese. It was perfect because my companion is from brazil. So We both taught themn separate lessons and they both went super well. The one who knows english has already come to church twice!
In my studies this week i was reading in 3 nephi 13. I came across this scripture that I really liked. It was a little parable and It relates so well to everyone. Everyone at times feels like they have no hope or that Heavenly Father isnt listening to them. They feel distant from him. Well this scripture is perfect for those times in your li8fe. Its 3 nephi 13:26-30. I encourage each of you to read it.
So this week I tried to make crapes.... The pan I used is probably 30 years old and not the best for making crapes... So the picture that looks like i made eggs, they arent really eggs!
Also last night a few of us missionaries had a member buy all these ties from a store for us. We bought 80lbs worth of ties. So if any of you are looking for a tie or need one, I think I might be able to help you out!!!
Another cool experience this week was when I went on a division with another missionary from brasil. We were going to this house that we were referred too. We get to the house but come to find out it was the wrong house. However, the man opened the door and was quick to invite us in. He loves the bible and knows a lot about christianity, he is committed to reading the Book of Mormon. So it turns out the house was wrong but at the same time it was the right house for us!
Im doing great and having a lot of fun here. Its a great place. I hope all of you are doing well.


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