April 17, 2017


Cook Islands


Elder Cowl

Best Week of the Mish??

Hello to all of my wonderful friends and family!!! I hope your week was as good as mine! ( It probably wasn't ) Tuesday Night and thursday afternoon we got hit with some crazy tropical storms, there was flooding everywhere and a lot of people lost power and we could barely bike around because the roads were covered in water and fallen trees. That didnt stop The Lord's work though!

I'll get right into it starting with Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon we had our 3rd lesson with Terangi. Just like alll of our lessons with her, it practically went flawless. We taught the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, so Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. The lesson flowed really well and Terangi asked some awesome questions. She really seemed to grasp the importance of the lesson. WHen I was teaching baptism I noticed that she smiled everytime I said the word "baptsim", which is usually the opposite reaction you get from an investigator. We were teaching about the baptism of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was so strong so I decided to extend the baptismal invite to her. I asked her if she would be baptized and she just looked at me, smiled, and said " Yes please, I would love to". The Spirit in the room was so strong I can't even describe it. Every single person in the room had tears in their eyes. It hit me like a train and I had to hold back the tears. Terangi looked at me with tears in her eyes and said " Woah, my heart feels so happy I feel so good inside". SHe was having such an amazing experience with the Spirit and It was confirming to her that she was making the right decision. I can pretty comfortably say that that was the best moment of my entire mission so far. Terangi is the first investigator that I have found, taught all the lessons to, committed to baptism, and will be at her baptism. The baptism will be on May 6th and I couldnt be more excited. After the lesson Elder Kemp, the senior missionary, was taking us home and he said " Well Elders, that right there is why you serve a mission. In my 63 years I can't remember feeling the Spirit much stronger than that. " I completely agreed. Experiences like that are why I'm spending 2 years away from all my loved ones. I was thinking about it and right now I could be back home with my family or living it up at BYU but there is no place I'd rather be than serving The Lord right now. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but I am so so grateful for everything I'm experiencing, I've literally seen myself change day by day and it's so cool.

I'll share one more really cool experience we had this week. Friday evening we went to visit one of our investigators, Ta. I'm not sure if I've talked about Ta before but he's been investigating the Jehovah's Witness church for almost 2 years now. We've been meeting with him for the last couple months and teaching him as well. The JW's are really pushing him to join their church and stop meeting with us. We hadn't been able to see him for like 3 weeks before friday, but we finally caught him. We walked up and he pretty much said " Sorry guys, I think the Jehovah's Witness is the true church I don't want you guys to come over and teach me anymore". We were pretty crushed but we just asked him if we could share one last lesson with him. He had some spare time so we agreed. We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel (for the 3rd time) but he seemed to grasp it so much better this time. He asked some really good questions and was way more involved and interested than usual. The Spirit was present during the entire lesson and it went really well so I was disappointed that it was our last lesson with him. At the end of the lesson I said a closing prayer and we stood up to shake his hand and he said " You know what guys, Ill see you next Friday for another lesson". We were completely shocked we didn't even really know what to say. We set up a lesson for this next week. We could definitely tell that he was having doubts about the JW's. I respect every religion but there are so many questions that some other religions just can't answer. I'm so grateful that we have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. I'm so thankful for the fulness of truth that we have in our church.

I'll leave it at those 2 experiences and just share a quick quote. One of my favorite quotes from our Prophet Thomas S. Monson is :" May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong". It is such a simple quote but has so much essence to it. In life we are faced with choices every single day, and some of these choices affect us more than others. Sometimes when faced with big choices we naturally just want to pick the easier one, even if it isn't necessarily the right one. I know that we will be blessed for making sacrifices and choose "the harder right". I've had to do some real self reflecting and choosing the harder right lately, and I know that it'll pay off.

I love all of you and appreciate all the emails and support I receive. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and remembered your Savior Jesus Christ this weekend. Have an awesome week!
- Elder Plowman

P.O. Box 81
LDS Church
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

1) love me an island feast
2) Had to get a selfie with the Big man before he left
3) Went mini golfing with president and sister balli, I sunk an 8 foot putt on hole 18 in Presidents face to beat him............
4) mini golf champppp


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