March 9, 2020




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Hey there everyone!! How is it going? I hope all is good!! But Argentina is great haha still super hot but its super awesome still!! 
But anyway this week was pretty good So lets get started. So really the first of this week i was on divisions with one of my zone leaders Elder Brenay. Really I was ended up being with his most of the week but that is for later haha. But we were out working in this week and we came a cross one of the worshiping spots of a really weird Saint named Gauchito Gil and another named Santo del Muerte. Little thing about Argentina is that they have a lot of statues of saints everywhere. Usually they are like maybe a foot tall but these ones we found were a little bit bigger. Haha they were actually bigger than me haha. And just so you guys know, saints are kind of a joke hahaha!!!!!! But its whatever they can worship what they want haha. I just thought that it was pretty funny.
But anyway this week like I said I was with my ZL almost all week and I will tell you why. So the other night me and my comp were sleeping over at the zls pension and we ate burgers. But come around 2 am Elder Brenay just starts throwing up all over the  place. What we thought was to be a one time thing ended up being him throwing up 7 times in 5 hours and having major Diarrhea. So my comp had to go and do a lot of baptismal interviews so he went with Elder Baria and i went with elder Brenay to the hospital. So  They hooked him up to all of these things and to limit the chance of anyone else to get sick they decided that i should stay with him cause id already been with him most of the day. So we ended up staying three days and two nights there in the hospital. Hahaha SO yeah that happened haha!
But im am not sick and I am just excited for a good week this week!! But i hope you all have a great week and Hopefully this next week will have some other fun things hahaha!! Love you all!!
Love ElderJonesy


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