March 2, 2020





Hey there everyone how are we doing!? I hope all is awesome!!
Anyway this week was pretty good! Haha this week has been pretty much the same. But its good cause the mission! hahaha i just love how close God really is with all of us! Some Days out here in the mission I feel really alone and just kind of lost. But God always just shows that he is still right next to me! And honestly its the same with all of us! Remember it doesn't matter what is going on in your life God is always with you! and if you forget just ask him! He will always answer us!! God is truly all knowing, all powerful, and all loving!!!! There is nothing you can do to make him not love you!!!
But haha this friday us as a zone had an idea to have a activity with a ton of our investigators to come to the church and play a big game of Fútbol!! Haha and it was such a great turn out!!! We brought about 30 of our investigators!! and after the game we shared a little gospel point and it turned out to be awesome!! Everyone had a great time!! 
Man I am loving the mission!! And I just wanted to say thanks to everyone back home for supporting me and all of the other missionaries!! It really helps! We can truly feel your prayers helping us everyday!!
Anyway I hope you'll have a great week!!! Love you ALL!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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