January 27, 2020




Thats another week!

Well how are we all doing this week? Hope it was good!!
But I now have hit my ten month mark and wow haha how time flies! Haha the other day I was thinking back to the day I arrived to the mission and how i just had no freaking clue what to expect haha! Then just meeting my first comp!!! Haha still scared out of my mind and trying to speak a language that I just could not understand let alone speak haha!! I just remember being stressed out of my mind and just thinking there is no way that im going to be successful in this mission and I just had no clue about why I was here. But I remember just making a promise with myself that I wouldn't quit! Just put all my faith in the Lord. But this last week I just had a real slap in the face haha! Cause now I see how far I have come and just how much God has helped me!  And I just realized how when time get hard and we just feel alone and confused not to give up and say theres no way I can do this. Just take a step back. Look at your past and look at how much you have grown. Look how much help you have had cause God isn't just going to stop helping us! I love the poem called Footsteps. If you havent read it I will try to put it in my email cause its amazing! Cause when we are in our lowest lows and we just cant go on God and the Savior will not just be with us they will be carrying us through it!! Remember that! God will never leave us!!! Realizing this I just realized how I needed to thank him! This was a real changer for me! So if youre in a rough spot and you feel trapped just look back and then look to God and he will help you get out!!!
So here are some pics of my area haha its pretty awesome!!
Well I dont have to much time but I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!
Love Elder Jones


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