January 20, 2020




Soccer is the best way to contact!

Hey there everyone how are you all doing? I hope good! But hey I want to hear from you guys and see how you're doing! so if you guys have a couple minutes of doing nothing send me an email! I want to hear from you guys!
But anyway onto the week. So this week not to much was happening and after last week's email my mom wasnt to happy with me hahaha (l LOVE YOU MOM) so this week I decided to take a deeper look into my week and try to find more spiritual and fun things that you guys back home really know about. 
So let's start off with the fun thing. So as many of you know fùtbol (soccer) here is not just a game it's a lifestyle. And haha not going to lie Argentines are a little prideful and when they see a little white boy with a white shirt and tie walking down the street they always find it fit to call me out and say things like little Gringo cant play. But yet they always want to play with the white that cant play. So me looking for new people to teach and i'm tired of clapping houses I look for easier ways to get new people. So when me and my comp go over I say each goal I score and every nutmeg I get thats 5 minutes they have to listen to our message. They say yes. So the other team starts with the ball and I give them an easy goal so they get all in their heads but what happens next always makes me laugh hahaha!! It when I get 3 nutmegs and a goal hahahaha. So there's 20 minutes they have to listen hahahahaha!! And after 4 more nutmegs and 2 more goals there is an hour they are listening to me and my comp hahaha!!!!! And usually after they say sorry and say I can play good and they want to learn more hahaha!!! Got 20 new kids to teach all over the age of 16 hahaha!!!!! 
Now onto the more spiritual part of the week. So on Saturday we had interviews with the President of our Mission President Patania. And in my interview I asked my President how I can keep feeling the spirit stronger cause as a missionary everyday 24/7 we are with the spirit and after a while it just becomes natural and it is a little harder to feel it. And me President just looks and me and smiles and says " Elder all you need to do is ask. Ask God and he will help you." So me after the interview just thinking that was just to easy of an answer I didn't really do anything. But later that night Saturday night I was really struggling thinking just thinking about my question. Just like saying to myself thats to easy thats to easy. But I finally just did what my President said to do and ask. And after I asked God in my prayers I just had this overwhelming feeling come over me! I could've sworn I heard a voice that said " Cole its really just this easy!"  And wow it was just amazing!  But I realized something after this experience and it is just how amazing and SIMPLE our Father in heaven is! We can be going through anything at anytime and not know what to do. But all we Really need to do is just ask!! Just remember that this Gospel and our God is simple!
Well I just want to end and say i miss you guys and i love you guys and hope you all have a great week!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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