January 7, 2020




Transfer week

Well that's another week here in Argentina! But how is everything back home?? I hope it is all good!! 
But this week was transfers but i am still in the same area and with the same comp! So thats good! I am excited for another transfer with him and in this area! We have quite a few people lined up for baptism still so thats awesome!! We have Two baptisms that we have this weekend are the siblings of the people that i baptised like 3 weeks ago!! So thats super awesome and their older brother that we are baptised is getting the priesthood this sunday so he might be able to baptise his siblings!! But we also found another family that is super cool! They  Are family of my first baptism here in Avellaneda! So that will be super awesome!
But yesterday i got a member to bring some none member friends to come play us in a game of soccer on a field of 5v5! so that was awesome! Haha we made a bet that if we lost we had to pay for the field but if we won they all had to come to church! haha so we played for like 1 hour. They had two kids that played for the semi pro team here and we had 5 elders and i was the only one that played soccer. haha so the odds were in their favor. But haha with a little bit of working my butt off we won 8 to 5 haha!!!! I had 6 goals and two other elders had one goal haha!!! So it was super super fun!!!
I am loving this country and my mission in general! Yes its hot but its awesome! I love serving God and getting closer to him everyday!! But i love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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