December 9, 2019





Hey there everyone!!! How are we doing!? How is everything going in Utah and the snow??? Well i hope everything is good!!
But this week has been super good honestly!! So me and my new comp Elder Hurley got 2 baptisms this week!!! We were super happy to have finally baptised them!!! But wow they had a hard time getting baptised. So let me explain super quick. So their names are Betiana and Ivan. Their Mom and Dad are members. But the Dad got baptised just for the love of his wife and now he is a super hard core Catholic... And he like hates our church. But their mom is still a member and she goes to church every week and is a good strong member. And so I started teaching Betiana and Ivan my first week with Elder Sombra. And they just wanted to get baptised so bad!! Betiana found her answer for baptism looking in the book of mormon!!!! And Ivan has been super scared of his dad because his dad always fights with his mom about our church and he didn't want to have problems with his dad. But I promised him that if he follows the example of Jesus that he will be blessed more than what he can think!! So he prayed and received His answer super fast!! And they got baptised on Saturday!! Super awesome!!!!!
I always love how i can see God and Jesus Christ helping us and everyone around me all day everyday!!! that has been one blessing I have had being here in the mission!!! I have seen so many lives changed and just how many have come that much closer to jesus!!!! And i cant wait to see how much you all have changed!!!! But he this Christmas season i want you all to try and be a little more like Christ!!! Go look at the Light the World activity and try to be like Jesus and i can tell you your testomony will go so much just by trying to follow the example of Christ!!! 
But hey im sorry my emails havnt been as good lately there just isnt much time to write but i love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!!! Love you all so much!!!!  CHAO
Love Elder Jonesy


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