November 18, 2019




New area!

Hey there everyone!! Hope everything is good with you all!! 
But yes I know have a new area. I have moved from the most northern part of my mission to the most southern part of the mission haha! I have been moved to Santa Fe to a city named Avellandeda. I also have a new comp. His name is Elder Sombra and he is from Brazil!!! He is so so cool!! We have a lot in common and get along great!!! ANd the new area is great!!! We have a lot of awesome people in line for baptism!! So we are excited about that!!! 
But wow the mission is such a trip!!! You just never know what is going to happen haha. Each week there is just something that you weren't expecting haha. And that's just what has been happening to me these past couple of weeks. And sorry again about my last couple emails but I will be better now haha!! But man with all these crazy things happening I am growing so much haha. So many crazy experiences!! And yes some have been super hard but that's what makes us stronger. Haha one thing I have learned here in the mission is this. When hard things happen in our lives we have two options.1) we can sit there and cry and complain about how hard things and and not grow, learn, or become stronger.Or 2) we can take the crap given to us and turn and run with it!! Take something hard and difficult and make it something great! And if we doe that we can grow, learn, and become stronger!!One of these sounds a little better than the other I think hahah!!!! Because yes sometimes not just in the mission but in life you are going to get kicked and beat to the grown. And you can either stay down and do nothing or get up and get to work on getting better and becoming stronger!!! This is probably one of the biggest things I have learned!
But really the mission and life in general is great!!! Gotta love everyday!!!But I just want to let you all know how much I love and miss you all!! You guys are studs and I hope everything is good!!! Love you all!
Love Elder Jonesy


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