October 29, 2019




Iguazu Falls!!!

Hey there everyone!!! Sorry that it has been a long time since I have written an email in a while but I have been all over the place but one of those places was Iguazu falls!! 
But wow the falls were amazing!!! It was so pretty!! It was really so so amazing!!! If you guys want to go on a trip go to the falls!!! haha words really can't describe how beautiful it was!!! We got super lucky cause the night before it just dumped!!! It was a crazy lighting storm!! I slept outside in my hammock and I watched it for hours it was super crazy haha i watched a lighting bolt hit a house across the street from the apartment!! It was nuts!!! But then when we got to the falls there was so much water! the falls were crazy huge!!! So so amazing!!
But on another note me and Mendoza got transferred into a whitewash so that will be something new. Haha but I was pretty sad to get switch cause this last area and the branch was super super good!! but it's ok, hopefully the next area is good!!! 
But i was also super sad to leave our investigators! They were super good but i have faith in those missionaries to go and get them baptised!! But one of our investigators Cristian said in our last lesson he had a dream of us standing on one side of a river and he was on the other side and we were calling him to come join us and he didn't know what that meant. We just were both like baptism!!! We want you to come and be a member and start on the straight and narrow path with us and start heading towards heaven with us!!! And after we said that he said that he will do anything to get baptised!!! 
But man the mission is super hard at times but you just got to look for the little things to keep you going!! And just go full out with straight faith! And if you do that you'll be good!!!
Love you all have a great week!!
Love Elder Jonesy 


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