October 14, 2019




Another Hot Week

Hey there everyone!!! How is all?? I hope you all are good!! 
But anyway this week was very good!!! And here is what happened!
So to start off we had multi zona. Which is always good!!! It is always nice hearing from our President!!!! But this multi zona Pres this multi zona talked about how we can better help our investigaters. But not just how we can teach the lessons better but how we can actually help them personaly. About how when we are in our lessons we should get to know our investigaters and find out what it is that they need to hear in the moment. But yes we have the spirit helping us but at the spirit guides in a different way. He doesnt just give us the answer but he helps the people gain comfort in us and have them open up. After the lesson we need to study for our investigaters and pray for them every night to find out how we can better help them!! I really love this point!! And this can be used back at home. With people that we work with or go to school with and stuff like this. Find out ways to better help them. I challenge you guys to find one person that you can help bring them closer to Christ or to just help them out with a difficult time in their lifes.
But this week we also had a baptism! We baptised a kid that is the son of a member family. But they have been active again for about 4 months again and the kid named Facundo really wanted to be baptised. He is super cool and loves me and my comp!! But we worked with him for a little while and this lasat Saturday we had the chance to baptise him!!! And yesterday was fast Sunday and he was the fisrt person to bare his testimony. It was awesome!! He has a super strong testimony!!! 
The mission is really awesome!! I am really loving it out here! Haha but it has been so hot that I leave in the morning and about half a block away from the apartment i am sweating like a mad man haha. Cant wait to see what the hottest time in the year is going to be like hahaha! But anyway I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy 


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