October 7, 2019




New week New crazys

Hey there everyone!! Friends and Family I hope you guys are all good and having a good time back in Utah!!! 
But anyway this week was pretty good haha a lot of work but good!!! To start of this email I will start with the funnier story.
So Me and my comp were walking down the street the other day looking for one of our investigators and her family to have a little lesson with. But we didnt know exactly were the house was and it was pretty far but we just went for it. But as we were out looking we were also looking for new people to start teaching. But anyway we were walkiing for a pretty long time and this dude just started yelling at us to talk to him that he needed to talk. So thinking it was a person that wanted or needed something we went to him! Haha found out that it was just a dude that had just a couple to many drinks haha but just for fun we wanted to hear what he had to say. And like usual he didnt know much about our church but we tryed to explain it to him and he just kept saying the same thing over and over haha. But idk I just love finding all the crazy people haha.
But another story this week was we were out visiting our investigators and we passed by the house of Cristian. And we were just talking and he just looked at us and said that he loves our church and love the things we were teaching him and he just is loving our Gosple!!! And he said that he will do anything he can to get baptised!! But its hard cause he lives with his girlfriend and they want to get married but she want to be married in her church. If you get married in her church you cant go to any other churches. Cristian said that he doesnt want to get married in her church couse he wants to be apart of our church!! And he has now started teaching the stuff he learns from us to his girlfriend!! He is a super awesome person!! Super happy that we were able to find him!!!
With the mission you really just have to look at all the thing that happen and all the things you have and just be happy and grateful!! That is one huge thing I have learned being here!! Every night I thank our Father in Heaven for everything!! Cause really without our Father in heaven we are nothing! Like what it says in Alma26:12  I know that I am nothing, for as to my strength im weak; therefore i will not boast of myself, but of my GOD!!!!! Go read this whole scripture!! It is so good and so true!!
Anyway I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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