September 30, 2019




Another good week!!!!

Hey there everyone!! How is the good ole Utah!? I hope everything is good!!!! 
But Anyway to start off this week I got another baptism!! We baptised a girl named Maria. And she is super cool. My comp found her with his last comp. But I worked with her my whole time here! But she is super cool and she has a super strong testimony! She has wanted to get baptised so bad ha every lesson she was like im ready I want to get baptised this week! haha But yeah trying to get our baptism ready was rediculous haha. We tried to fill up our font but for the baptism but come to find out like 30 minutes before the baptism that we had no water in the church. And the fam of Maria dont have a cell phone so we had to run like 2 miles to the house of the fam and tell them that we have no water and they wanted to baptism on Saturday but come to find out the Sister missionaries had a baptism and we called them and asked if they had drained the water! They were just about to drain it when we called but we caught them just in time! SO we were able to baptise her so it was super good!!!
Haha but anyway on another note me and my comp were out contacting and we found this dog and i just whistled at it and it ran over to us and it was actually was a clean dog haha but anyway so we petted it for a while and then were on our way. But as we were walking Something bumped my leg and it was the dog haha and that dog came contacting with us all afternoon!! Haha For hours haha just walking by our side forever haha! 
But anyway I hope you guys are all good and hope you have a great week!! I love you all!!
Love Elder Jonesy 


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