September 16, 2019




Its So Hot!!!

Hey there everyone!!! How is it going!? I hope all is good back home!!! 
But anyway this week has been super fun!! But everything here is so cool. Super different but super cool!! 
But anyway to start off this weeks email i just want a say how awesome this area is!!! It is so different then my last area!!  Here is super hilly and super green!! It is also super jungley!! My last area was flat and straight but here its just crazy haha! But new Comp is   super cool his name is Elder Mendoza and he is from Buenos Aires! But we get along great!! He doesnt know much english so during our studys ive been teaching him english and hes been helping me a little bit more with spanish!! So it good!!
But anyway this week was good we have a ton of cool investigaters and super dope ward members!! But we have a baptism set up for this up coming week. It is with this daughter of a ward member and we dont know why exactly she hasnt been baptised but its ok cause she wants to be baptised now so thats super good!! But it is just such a breath of fresh air in this area cause the whole ward is beyond nice and they are all super funny!! I am loving life!! And the work her is just so much different and crazy!! People here are super responive to our message and always want to hear more!!! I am loving it!
Haha that only thing that isnt great about here is the heat haha it is so crazy hot here haha. I is a 105 degrees today and it was 105 for the past couple days haha. The bad part is is that its not at the hottest time in the year hah!! But other then that all is well!! 
haha but a quick story happened the other day. We were out looking for a reference and all we had was a name of the area and the name of the streets... or so we thought haha. So we get to the area and are looking for these streets buit cant find anything and here is why ha i have a picture that i will be sending that shows why to. It is because the names of all the streets are calle haha which in english is street or road. So haha yeah we never found the person cause of all the same street signs hahaha!!
Just on a last note if you can please pray for my spanish. Its coming along but i need a lot of help!! Thanks for everything you guys do already!!! I love you all and hope you all have a good week!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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