September 2, 2019




Last week in Corrientes

Hey everyone how is everything going!? I hope all is good!! But yeah this week is probably my last week in Corrientes... Which im super happy but super sad! I love the ward here and I have a lot of friends here. But I am really ready to go to a new area!! 
But this week the Prophet came down to Argentina for a devotional and it was super cool cause he came down with Elder Cook and Elder Cook has his translated so he would say the sentence in english and a person would translate. But then when the Prophet started his talk he started with a person translating and then asked if he can go on his own and then he did his whole talk in spanish!!! And wasnt staring at a paper he was just going in spanish!! It was absolutely amazing!! And he talked about how we need to keep the comandments a little better!! And remember how when we keep the comandments we recieve a ton of blessings!! And he ended with saying how we need to remember how God does everything for us and without him we have nothing!! I love oh the Prophet just teaches with such power!! He is truly called of God!!
But this beeing our last week for me Freddy and Brady we desided to go to the beach and just enjoy our last week!! Lets just say that my area is amazing!! It is so pretty!! It has been a good time but its time to move on!! And for those of you who want to go on a mission make as many friends as you can but dont get to hung over them!! Cause you will have lots of friends!! With those friends you make in the mission they will help you so much in the mission!!
But just to let you know the mission is amazing!! It is super hard but it is so worth it!! If any of you guys are thinking of serving just go cause it is so fun!!! Worth every second!!
Anyway I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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