August 26, 2019




5 months!!

Whats up fam and friends!! How is everything? Hope all is good with you guys!!
But to start off this week we had multi zona and it was so good!! It is always to hear from the President of the mission!! And this multi zona he said something that really stuck out to me. He talked about how yes we need to bring as many people unto Christ as we can but remember there are going to be time that youre not going to have any good investigador and or just no one that what to listen to you. But remember that thats ok. All God asks is for us to give it our all!!! Even if no one is listening and they arent interested its ok as long as you are doing everything you can as hard as you can thats all that matter!! I really liked this cause this last week we had two people set up for baptism and all of the sudden they backed out and just did a big ld 180. and i was thinking what did I do wrong and i teaching bad like what was wrong. But then after i heard that stuff my President I just was so conforted!! 

But anyway this week I had divisions with my other zone leader Elder Martinez!! He is from Colombia and he is so freaking funny!! Anyway he has a super funny way of contacting. So we will be walking down the street and when we feel to clap a house or to talk to someone we run up to them and he starts of by asking them about their chairs in the house haha then acts like a sells man of chairs and if or when the people get interested he says im just kidding haha but if I can get you to like these chairs im talking about listen to me talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Then we dive into a super cool spiritual lession!! Sometimes you just need to goof around to be succsesful!!
Oh yeah and today I hit 5 months in the mission!! I really cant believe its been this long!!! For all of you that wanna serve a mission go out and just have fun!! Cause time flys!! It really does!! Enjoy the good and the bad!! Enjoy it all!! I love you all and hope you all have a good week!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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