August 19, 2019





Hey there Friends and Family!! Hope all is good!! 
But to start out this email I did  divisions this week with Elder Freddy this week and let just say its always a good time with Freddy!!! But haha we started of the day just nice and normal. And we went out to cantact and not to much luck and we didnt have anything for lunch so we desided to run to walmart to get some food. And as we were there I found Honeybutter  so I had to get it!! So we get home and first thing we did was pull out this little bottle of heaven and let just say it was just like home!! But anyway we then went out and started working again. and i desided that we should go out to a area that I havent been before and contact. Haha so we were walking down this dirt road and this pack of dogs started to follow us from a distance but we didnt think anything of it so kept walking. But just like a movie everytime we turned around they would be a little bit closer until we stopped at this house and me and Freddy were surounded haha bu usually if you jump at then or act like youre going to pick up a rock they bolt bt not these ones haha. No they just got a little madder haha so i jump at on and as it shot for my ankle i jumped over top and Freddy followed as we sprinted away haha. 
But anyway on a more spiritual note as I was teaching a lesson with one of our investigadors we were talking about Joseph Smith and she just was confussed and had doubt about Joseph. So I took her to 2 Nephi :3 and that whole chapter is all about Joseph Smith!! And as i was sitting there i just thought about how amazing he is! Joseph went threw thing that we havent even thought of and would he have done that for something that wasnt real!? No he wouldnt!! And it is amazing how he was forseen so many years in advance!!! So if there are any of you who have doubt about Joseph Smith go and read 2 Nephi:3 and i know that God will help you realize how amazing he is and how he is a true Prophet of God!!
Anyway I love you all and hope you have a good week!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy 


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