August 12, 2019




Theres another week!!

Hey there everyone!!! How was the week back home!!?? Hope it was all good!
Anyway this week was pretty chill. I did division with Elder Brady and it was pretty fun! And we put two date for baptism this week!! The two we put the date with are Sabrina and Patricia!! Pratricia is the mom of Sabrina and they are super cool!! But they have been working with the missionarys for a long time. A little while back they had a different date for baptism but then they said that they cant get baptised. I didnt really know the reason so I finally found out why. Its cause Patricia has a son and his name is Louti. And he has a lot of mental problems. And one day he just snapped and desided that he hated the church and just went crazy. And if Patricia or Sabrina went to church he would go nuts and start hitting them and just start wrecking the house. So they stopped coming but then we started bringing them back to church and they trade weeks of when they come. But we had to find out something for Louti and a way for him to like the church. But we found out that its just cause he needs friends so we have members come over and play game and stuff with him and it seems to be working!! So lets pray!! But Anyway the date for their baptism is not this Saturday but the next!! So Please pray for them and hope that we can keep this set!!
But anyway there is a big river that goes right by one of the churches in my zone and if you cant it at the right you can watch a super super pretty sunset. But this last pday me Elder Freddy and Elder Olsen were walking back to the church to grab some things and we noticed the sunset was happening so we sprinted over and watched the sunset. And as I was sitting there I just had the biggest feeling of peace and joy come over me. And I just kinda laughed and said how do people just not believe in God!!? Like its so easy just to know he lives! And at that time i had a scripture come to my head and it was    Mosiah 4:9!     Please go read this! It is amazing!! And i know that if you are ever going through a rough time just go outside and sit and watch the sunset. Think about how God created all thing both in Heaven and on Earth and God comprends all things! He knows exactly want is going on and he is there for you!!!!! I KNOW THIS IS TRUE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT!! Ive seen it in my life and the lifes of others!! 
Anyway I love you all and miss you all!! Stay safe and have fun! And please read Mosiah 4:9!!!
And heres some pics for the week.
Love Elder Jonesy


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