July 8, 2019




Happy 4th of July!!

Hey Fam and Friends!!!! How was this week for you all!? I hope you all had a fun 4th of July!! 
Anyway this week was pretty good. We did a lot of contacting but without real gain. It was a pretty rough week on the contacting side. But its ok i know we will find someone awesome soon!!
But our investigater Luis is even closer to baptism!! He has such a amazing light in his face!! When you see him you just get happy with how happy he is!! He has now finished the whole Book of Mormon and D&C!! He is so ready to get baptised!! I imagen here in 2 weeks he will be able to get married and then baptised!! 
Then the same thing with Alejandra!! She is so ready too!! Her and her husband has been working hard to get the money needed!! And they are now knocking on the door of marrige and then baptism!! 
But this week was awesome cause all of the American missionaries and our comps got together to celebrate the 4th of July!! It was pretty awesome! And for dinner that night me and Elder Workman had a big Asado!! A asado is like a Argentina version of a BBQ its so good!!! We had a ton of beef and pig ribs!! SO good!!
But anway to finih this weeks email i would love to challange all of you guys to read Alma 37:6,7 this scripture is amazing and i just want you all to go read it and think about what it means and email me so i can see what you guys think!!
Anyway I love and miss you all!! But I wont be home for a little longer!! Love you guys!
Love Elder Jonesy


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