July 1, 2019




Another week down!

Hey fam!! Well thats another week down in Argentina!! It was a pretty good week this week! But how was the week back home!? Probably Great!! 
Anyway to start off this week i had divsions with my nephiew in the mission and his name is Elder Salgado. He is a pretty cool kid! Anyway we went to his Area for the day and its called Miapu. Its a pretty cool place! Anyway we were just walking down the street when all the sudden we heard someone yell "Hey Elders!!" and we turned and looked and say one oh his investigaters named Axel! He is a pretty awesome guy but has a lot of trials. But He sprinted to us and asked if we were going to come to his house. We didnt have anything planned for that time so we said sure we can and it was so awesome! While we were talking to him he said that he hasnt done any of the things he was struggling with for 3 weeks and he said that he has been praying for God to help him stop and one day he just stopped having the erge to do those things! He asked if we can give him a blesing to help him somemore to stop completely! It was awesome! He then said that he will not miss another day of church! So later that week Elder Salgado and Elder Freddy baptised his step dad and Axel was just covered in tears and I asked him what was wrong and he just looked at me and said " I have no doubt that this church is true and the things you and the rest of the missionarys have taught me are true!! I heard a Voice that sounded like someone next to me that said Axel youre ready to be baptised!!" I  have gotten really close with Axel and he Just has this amazing light that just is amazing!! He now has a baptismal date and he is so excited!! 
Another thing that happened was while we were out contacting we ran into one of our friends for the branch and i actually have already talked about him his name is Dedier! He is the guy that gave me and workman the lawyer for our investigater!! So we were able to talk to him for a little and he then pulled out two alphahores!! Alphahores are these candy chocolate things that are flipping amazing and he jsut says I Knew that I had brought these for a purpose and he tosses them to us and drove off!! Fetching CAPO!!! Love that guy so much!!! 
Anyway I love you fam!! Hope you all have a great week!!
Oh and please if you guys could in your prays pray for a Lady named Alejandra shes amazing and has a awesome fam and she just needs help with a job so she can pay for the lawyer!! And also for my spanish please!!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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