June 24, 2019




Time Flys

Wow already another week done!! But how was your guys week!? Hows the Utah life!!
Anyway heres a story for you guys this week. So Me and Workman had a weird week this week cause people were just being hard headed and just not in the mood to listen to anything we had to say. We went and clapped houses left and right and there was really no one interested in what we had to say. But two days ago on Saturday me and Workman we heading home for the ciesta for study time and we were just out in the middle of nowhere waiting for a bus and this woman showed up out of nowhere and honestly scared me a little cause she was just all of the sudden right next to me haha but anyway I just asked how her day was and stuff. But then she looks at me and says youre obviously not from here so where are you from and I told here and we just started talking and she was just asking me all of these questons about our church and what is the reason that two white boys are in Argentina and just went so smooth so we gave her a book of Mormon and some pamphlets about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and she just asked perfect questions and we got on the bus and she invited us to come and teach here family!!! Haha I think God was just like you and Workman worked hard so here you go haha!! It was amazing!!! God works in weird ways!! Love it!
But anyway another story actually happened today ha. So here me and Workman are just about to get some Panchos! We are just happy as can be cause Panchos is good food and its cheap! But anyway you always get a little cup of soda with your meal. And we went outside to eat our food and im just so stoked for my soda ok! The second I sat down there were about 15 Bees just attacking my cup of soda and they were just swarming haha so i just sat it down just gave up haha. There ended up being about 30 Bees in my drink haha! 
Anyway I love you all!! And miss you all to but im not coming home anytime soon!! 
And so sorry I had pictures but i left me camera at home so i dont have any photos so I will send more next week! 
Love Elder Jonesy 


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