June 18, 2019




Transfer Week

Whats up Fam and Friends!! How is everything!! Probably great because you all are Capos!!!! 
But anyway this week was pretty good! Not to much happened this week but its all good! 
One of the people we have been working with for a while named Luis. I have talked about him before but anyway we have been trying forever to find a lawyer for him and his gorlfriend that is a member so he can get in a divorse and married to his girlfriend so he can get baptised! And we have been looking forever. But me and Elder Workman have been praying really hard for them and one day one of our Friends named Didier came up to us and just was like hey i have this lawyer friend thats fast and cheap if you guys like ever need one!!!! We were just like what the heck thats literally what we have been needing for the past transfer!!!!! So we took them to go visit the lawyer and they are all set and hes ready to get dunked!!!!! Such a blessing!!! God works in weird misterious ways!!!
But anyway the other night me and Workman were celebrating the end of the transfer and his 22 month mark so we had to do something and we remembered that we had this Justin Beber picture book a member gave us and we drew in and haha we desided to have a fire and drink some mate haha so we had a little fire and just hung out haha it was so fun!! 
haha but one day we were heading back to our house and the busses were not really working and just taking forever so i finally gave up and just fell asleep haha so heres a picture.
Anyway i love you all and hope you all are great!!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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