June 3, 2019




Sick week for my dad

Hey guys!! Hows home!! I bet great!! hope you guys are all loving life and everything!!! Love you all!! 
But anyway this week didnt have much instore. The reasoning being is cause my comp Elder Workman was super super sick this week!!! He was throughing up like all week. So we were under house arrest for the week. Except for two afternoons! 
One afternoon Workman worked up the strength to go out one afternoon to a lesson and we were teaching these two girls that are grandchildren of some members and they always come to church! So we went over and taught a lesson and they knew everything so we but a baptism date with them both so that was awesome!!!
Then I went on divisions with Elder Brady on the other afternoon. We went and taught a less active person and we went and it was a awesome lesson!!! We taught how we shouldnt be concverted to a person we need to be converted to the Gosple! And we shared some personal stories with him and some scriptures and he got really emotional and he ended up coming to church!!! He is awesome. 
But the other day we had no food at all in our house and we were starving so went out to look for some food and we went to like 4 different places and no one had anything hahah. Except one last little store that had bread so for dinner we ate straight bread haha!! Pretty fun!!
Anyway i love you and miss you all!! But Argentina is to cool to leave rn!! 
Love Elder Jonesy


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