May 27, 2019




Another one down!!!

Whats up gang!!! How are we doing this week!!? I hope it was good!!
But anyway this week was busy!! We sis two sets of divisions this week and it was so hard but super fun!!! We did our first set of divisions on Tuesday and I went with my brother Elder Fredrick!! But everyone calls him Elder Freddy. But Elder Workman trust me so he left me to lead in our area haha!! But i know it alot better than what i thought!! Haha I know God was jsut guiding me around!! but we clapped houses all day in the rain haha!!! But even though we only got 6 nuevos it was so fun!! Freddy is a stud!!! Then Again on friday i did divisions With Elder Brady!! I actually went to Middle school with him and we used to be really good friends so thats cool!! And we clapped houses all morning and got 2 nuevos and in the after noon we taught ine and Workmans investigater and it was so good!! So overall it was a good week!!
But a little thing from this week is that Elder workman knows that there is one way to make me almost do anything and thats basically but telling me that i wont so we were talking to another elder and Workman was talking about shaving legs and said jones i bet you wont so me eing me i went and did it just to prove him wrong haha!! Pretty good!!
Anyway i love you all and miss you!! Have a Great week!! Love ya!!
Love elder Jones


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