May 20, 2019




Great week!!

Hey everyone!!! I hope this week has been great for you all!! Hey email me! I would love to hear from you all!!! But this week was pretty good!!! Had some good lessons and also had my bday and thats for all of you who said happy birthday!! it meant alot!!! But anyway this week was good!! me and my comp found a few awesome new people!! These two kids named Rodrigo and Ialin. And a older man named MIguel!! We have only had one lesson with them all but they seem like good investigaters!!!
Anyway something funny from this week happened on tuesday.  Elder Workman and I had Elder Fonua and Elder Brown over for a zone meeting and we got back to our house and we came in and walked in to our room and were just talking when all of the sudden Workman just yells " what the fetch haha theres a freaking lizard haha" and there was just this little geco just chillin on his pillow haha. but then i decided to hop in the shower when those three goons thought it would be funny to huck the geco at me while i was showering haha. so i here the door open and i look over and this lizard slapped me right in the face haha!! it suck to my face and started climbing around haha. Then we put it back outside and it was on its way.
A little spiritual note from the week happened on Saturday. On of our investigaters that is waiting to be baptized called us and just wanted to talk. we we make the journy out to her house and she has a little addorable daughter named Dalma! Shes a angle!! But anyway we were talking and she was really down about how her and her family dont have money and that like they will need things but dont have the money for it and it was quite sad... But me and elder Workman shared some scriptures with her and they really helped her. I shared 1 Nephi 7: 12 and it talks about faith and if we have faith in chrisrt we can do anything and overcome anything. And Elder Workman shared 2 Nephi 2: 11-13 and those talk about the reason the we have herd times and why they happen to us but how we can overcome them!! She told us thats exactly what she needed to hear!!! 
I challange you all to read those scriptures!!
Anyway i love and miss you all!! Hope you all have a great week!! 
Love Elder Jonesy 
the picture is of the sunset on the top of our house btw


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