May 13, 2019




First Baptism!!!!

Whats up everyone!!! Hope your guys week was awesome!! Oh my goodness Argentina is so freaking awesome!! There are just horses and dogs and cows everywhere!! haha some people cant afford cars so they have horse drawn trailers!! haha its so funny! But man i love the people here!! Most of them are super nice!! And the members are all so chill!! 
But hey i got my first baptism!! This ladys name is Camila Paez!! She is so cool!! haha He mom is crazy though! Her mom practices witchery haha!! She burnt two of the Book of Mormons that have been given to her! But Camila is so cool and come to church every sunday and all the branch activities!!

There Is a few people that i want to talk about in this email! The First one is Hermana Ramona!! Oh my i love this woman!! She is this grandma in the ward and she love me and my comp!!  She always trys to cook us food! but she has this little grandson that is 6 and he also loves us!! He calls me and Elder Workman his brothers!! But its sad cause Ramona is the only memeber in her family. Her daughters hate us! Ramona was baptized 4 years ago and on her baptism day her daughters locked her in her closet and when the Hermana missionarys went to go pick her up the daughters started yelling at them saying that Ramona wanted nothing to do with us!! But the next day was sunday and Ramona came to church 30 minutes early and told want happened and she asked if she could get baptized before church and so they baptized her!!! She has the most awesome testemony!!! But when me and workman go over little dylan comes and hangs with us and Ramona told us that after we left dylans mom came and started asking why he hangs with us and he said to his mom " MOM I DONT KNOW WHY YOU DONT LOVE MY BROTHERS!! tHEY ARE MY BROHTERS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY BROTHERS!!" his mom stopped asking why he hang with us after that hahaha!! I love that kid!!!
The other person I want to talk about is Luis!!! He is so sick!! He learned how to read through the missionarys!! By reading the book of mormon! He has read te whole Book of Mormon and is almost done with D,C!!! He has the strongest testemony!! We will  be able to baptism him when he gets in a divorce and married to his girlfriend that is already a member!! Which will be soon!! He already pays his tithing and hes not a memeber yet!! I love him!!
Man i love it here!! And sorry this is a long email so i will end it but i love you all!! 
Love elder jonesy!!!!


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