May 8, 2019




Argentina!!!!! Week 1 in the real field!

Hey there everyone!! How have you all been? Hopefully great! But anyway to start off this email lets just say im glad i dont have to fly a plane for another 2 years!! Starting monday mornig we were suposed to be awake at 1:30am to get on a bus to fly to panama. None of our 3 alarms went off!!!! We woke up to elder harris who sprinted to our how, banging on our window screaming ELDERS WE ARE LEAVING IN 5 MINUTES!!!!!! Holy crap i have NEVER gotten ready so fast!! Me, McCleve, Fonua and Atkin were out the door in 2 minutes!!! It must have been a world record!! But we got on the bus and we left!
Arive in panama and we have to sprint to our terminal to catch the next flight but i was starving and so i grabbed some subway. Man somthing must have ben hidding in that cause on the 9 hour flight my stomach got atacked by some monster! wow it sucked! But then we arrive in Argentina Finally! And we are going through the migration and this dude that was working spoke zero freaking english!! will everyone elses helper was fluent in english!! And so i grabbed elder soto sense he speaks great spanish to come and help translate. The worker was yelling at us saying that he cant help me and i was about to explode then he just stops and says im good to go! Wow god must have stopped him so i didnt lose my mind at him!!
But that night there werent any flights to resistencia so we frove 40 minutes to this freally nice hotel. They feed us really nice food but at this point it was 12:30. We then come to find out that we had to be awake at 3 and then run to the airpot and fly here to my mission. So we did and we got to the airport right on time and we get to our terminal and the plane before hasnt even left yet. It finally left and then we were waiting for our plane to arive. We waited and waited and waited. After 4 freaking hours our plane finally desides to show up! 
So for the past 48 hours i was running on 4 hours of sleep. So fun hahaha! Finally we arive in to the smallest airport i have ever seen. The mission Pres picked us up and off we went to the Mission home! There we got to meet our trainers! My Trainer is Elder Workman!! Man i have barely been with him 24 hours and i alrady love him!! I cant wait to start teaching with him!!!
My area is called Corrientes! Its the big city across the river of Resistencia! Its so cool! Anyway this email is very long so i will end it here! I love you all and miss youbut Argentina is so sick and im not leaving!! Love you all 
Love Elder Jonesy  


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