May 1, 2019




Last Pday in the CCM

Hey guys how are you all doing? Hope everything is good!!! But this will be my last email from the Mexico CCM!! Next week i will be even further away from Utah!! But I am so ready!!
But yeah this week was pretty good! haha Being here me and my district have had to be really creative to fine fun things to do throughout the day! The most resent game that we have come up with we call Spoons. And it is pretty much reverse pit pocketing haha! Instead of taking something we give something haha. So the reason for the name is cause the thing we give is a spoon hahah! So throughout the day we try and put the spoon in each others pockets and if they catch you you have to keep the spoon but if they don`t then you tell them spoon puns until they find it hahaha!!! It gets pretty intense!! 
But anyway on another spiritual note. This last Sunday me and my companion taught the lesson in priesthood and the CCM President came to our lesson so we were a little stressed  but it was good!! So we talked about the Great Apostasy and the Restoration through Joseph Smith. And Honestly we taught a pretty good lesson. But we got a hand written letter from the President and he said that he felt the spirit so strong and we did a outstanding job! So that meant a lot to me and my comp! 
But not to much more to talk about just so excited for the field!!! I love all you guys!! 
The scriptures I invite you guys to read is the Whole chapter of 2 Nephi 3 and Alma 8!! They are so good!!! I love the scriptures so much!!! 
And here are just a few pictures from the week in a separate email. Again love you all!! 
Love Elder Jonesy 


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