April 10, 2019




Another week Down in the CCM

Hey whats up everyone!!! How is everyone doing!!! This week was so good!!! With confrence and everything it was so awesome!! 
But this week has been good! But it is just pretty repetative and stuff but its good! So something i forgot to say last week was that Elder Libby from home is in my zone! It is so awesome seeing a familiar face everyday! 
One thing that sucks this week is that it is my spanish friends last week! :( but its ok cause i know that they are going to kill it out in the field!!
But a spiritual thing from this week happened during a little practice lesson that me and my companion Elder McCleve were teaching. We were talking about faith and how big it is and my spanish still isnt that great but we were teaching and i just had this random thought and scripture pop into my head and the scripture was 1 Nephi 7: 12 (go give it a read) and I said something that I honestly didnt fully understand but my teacher stopped the lesson just to tell me how perfect it was! Wow the holy ghost is so really!!!
Hahaha but something funny that happened was actually happened today! Me and my friends went to the soccer field and were playing world cup and Elder Atkin was playing keeper. Then out of the blue the scrinklers switched on and just drenched Atkin hahahaha!! It was hillarious!! He just let   out a super load scream and started running ! He was wet head to toe! 
But one thing that i love about the CCM is that there are these bright green parrots everywhere! They are so pretty! and the sunsets here are actually really cool! I am loving the mtc more everyday!! Haha but im sorry my emails are very short. The days are just to alike haha! But I love it more and more everyday!! 
Okay this is some advise for anyone that is thinking about going on a mission. When you get out into the MTC or CCM stay calm and dont give up! My teachers tell us everyday not to give up! There is only one way that you can fail on the mission and that is by giving up!! 
I love you all and miss home but there is no where else I`d rather be and no place else that God wants me to be!!
Love Elder Jonesy


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