August 14, 2017


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Elder Cole Sansoucie

Week 7 - A weird week

This week was definitely different. On Monday I went on exchanges with Elder Oyenbold. It was pretty fun he is super cool. He is Asian so he used to take these ping pong classes and stuff. Well we went to this gym that night and it had a ping pong table. Well me being cocky and messing around I was like I will destroy you at ping pong. He kind of giggled at me and said lets play. We started warming up and i realized how good he was. He was spinning the ball so hard, and his curves were pretty good. You could definitely tell he played before. So the first game was to 21 and i was just trying to return the ball. And it was a miracle but i beat him the first round 21- 19. So we are playing best 2 of 3 so the second round i tried playing to the best of my abilities and curve it and hit it in the right spots but he frickin destoys my like 11-4 or something because we decide to only play to 11 these next 2 rounds. So i got a little nervous like shoot hes frickin Asian. But the last round was legendary the score went back and forth. I felt asian while playing it was crazy. But i ended up winning by 2 because you have to win by 2 or you keep going. But I beat an asian at ping pong!!!!!!!!!

So in this mission we are allowed to skate and it works out perfect because we have a skate park in our area and my comp. was given a skateboard at the beginning of his mission and i found one. So we go to the skate parks in the morning for our workouts. It super fun and i I'm getting better at my kick flip. And i learned to drop in. But my comp. is super good at skating. Well he decided to skate the bowl Saturday morning. This bowl it pretty deep. Its probably like 12 feet deep. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense but there is this thing in the bowl called the hip and he was trying to do a transition on it but the trick he was trying to do was a front side 180. Its like doing a gainer sideways on a skateboard. But he kept bailing from the board because he wasn't getting enough air for it or his weight was off but he ended up bailing and when he came down one foot landed on the board and he rolled his ankle really bad. So he got stuck in the bowl so i had to help him out. The roll wasn't to bad but he can put weight on it and hobble around but it hurts so he has a scooter right now. I sent a picture. but the picture is from right after it happened. So its more bruised now. But its not broken or anything and he should be able to walk on it in like a week or so. But it's funny because he goes home in like 2 and a half weeks.

Mission work has been pretty slow this last week. We have been knocking a lot of doors trying to find new investigators. There has been a lot of people not interested. But we got a bunch of referrals yesterday so work should start to pick up hopefully. But there was this older lady that we ran into the other day. Its so funny when people aren't interested because they start saying things and then what they're saying doesn't line up. Its pretty funny. So this lady was Catholic so we asked to share a message about Jesus because we knew that Catholics believe in Jesus so it would be a middle ground. But she's like no thanks we don't believe in that stuff. And we were like wait you don't believe in Jesus? And shes like wait yes i do. and then she started to get mad at us and then she started to explain to us how they worship Mary. And she went off on this whole thing because of it. But we decided to talk about her religion with her. And we asked why she worshiped Mary? And she told us how Mary gave birth to Jesus. So we decided to do what a lot of people do to us and we asked where in the bible does it tell us to worship Mary. She started to freak out because there isn't anywhere that tells us to. Afterwards me and my comp. were talking and its funny because they have rosaries and different things and how we understood it was that they were worshiping idols, which in the scriptures it tells us not to. But idk i just thought it is funny how people make sense of different things like the trinity, that makes 0 sense but idk.

We've been teaching like 6 people right now and its so weirrd because i go into them pretty nervous but once the lessons start my confidence goes way up because i realize the Lord is on my side and he will help me. But the feeling i get during the lessons and right after is the best feeling in the world. Its so exciting. I don't know if i said this last week, but its like getting off of a roller coaster, its so awesome and its like lets do it again. I love it.
I felt like i should share this scripture. idk. its Mosiah 2:23-24. It talks about how the Lord has done so much for us and every time we do something good he blesses us so there is no way to repay him but we should always try to do our best because that is the least we can do for our savior.

Have a good week! Live your life to the fullest!

Elder Bassett


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