August 7, 2017


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Elder Cole Sansoucie

Week 6 - Another week

This week has been pretty slow. When we did weekly planning we had like 15 lessons set up but a lot of them got busy or whatever. We got dropped by a girl named Emma. She's like 13 and she wants to get baptized but her mom wants her to tell her dad since they are divorced. The mom has the legal right to let her get baptized but she wants Emma to talk to him about it. But he's is kinda a jerk and he's said things that no parent should be saying to their kid. So Emma won't talk to him. And so they dropped us. But it seems like the mom is just trying to make things right again with the dad or something like she wants to get back with him but that bridge broke when they got divorced.

I'm not trying to be mean but it's frustrating because my companion and his last companion got permission to take this question to the temple and they received revelation that Emma is going to be a vary important person in our church, but she needs to get baptized soon. But her mom is holding her back from it and it might cause problems. Sometimes people don't make sense.

Anyways. We went out to eat for lunch the other day and there was this guy that was an anti-Mormon. It's so funny cuz everything they say is so dumb and it's like how does that even make sense in your head. I've heard of people that run into anti-Mormons and it causes them to question everything and they go home early from their mission. I mean I haven't run into anyone that could do that yet because every time I've run into an anti they have these good questions that could cause people to question our faith but I have always been able to find a deeper answer that totally wrecks their question and it's an answer that even builds my testimony at how true our church is.

There is one thing though that a lot of anti-Mormons have a hard time with though. It's the fact that our church is perfect but it's ran by imperfect people. So many antis have these deep profound questions that we have been able to answer and bear our testimonies on like things that make sense but I feel like I shouldn't share. But they are good questions that could cause people to question but there is always a deeper answer but they always fall back on the fact that there are these other problems but it has to do with the people of the church and its so dumb. The only thing they can prove wrong is about the people and it's so annoying because there is so much deeper truth.

If anyone ever has a question about the church talk to the missionaries because they are a mouthpiece of God. There are answers that I give that I have no idea what I'm saying but because of the Lord and the spirit in missionaries lives, we can answer most all of your questions because we are the Lord's servants. Not because we know everything because I'm not too bright and I don't know a lot but because of the Lord's help.

Off of the topic of missionary work. We found a skateboard at the skate park the other day so we have been skating. We went to the skate park today and skated at the Lehi skate park so that was sweet. I landed a kickflip today to so that was sweet.

There is this sweet family. They are the Peterson's. They are super cool. We are helping one of the girls in they're family cuz she is getting into the wrong crowd. But when things fall through then we stop by there. They are super cool.

I just got a Facebook a few days ago. So I CAN accept any friend request but I have to unfollow you so I can't see your feeds. But friend me!!

I'm loving the mission! It's pretty fun out here. Way better than I thought it would be. Oh and I never thought reading the scriptures was a big deal. But frick yeah it is. That's the best place to gain a testimony... besides a mission. But I recommend it. It changes lives. There wouldn't be so many haters if our church wasn't true.

Love you all. Have a good week. Live life to the fullest!!!

Elder Bassett


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